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A Gathering Before the Entrance Exam to Senior High---2019 Junior Grade 3 Joining in the Youth League Ceremony

2019 marks the 100th anniversary of the May 4th Movement. At this glorious moment, another group of outstanding junior high school students in our school, with the school’s cultivation, honorably joined the Chinese Communist Youth League. On the afternoon of June 10, under the host of Xi Zi’en from Class 5, junior Grade 3 and Yang Yizhou of Class 10, junior Grade 3, the last grade meeting and oath ceremony was held in junior Grade 3, Nanjing Foreign Language School.


At the beginning of the activity, all stood up and sang the national anthem.

For 100 years, it has been the continuous struggle of Chinese youth generations after generation, and this 100-year of the Chinese youth is the 100 years of the nation of youth which was created by the youth.

This year is also the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. China has become the second largest economy in the world and is approaching to the center of the world stage. The Chinese dream of the great revitalization of the Chinese nation in the new era is calling for the fighting of contemporary youth.

First of all, Liu Licheng, Li Zening, both junior 3rd graders,donated 5433.5 yuan to the school’s Love Fund on behalf of the third grade of junior high school.

Next, Teacher Sha Xuanyong, the grade leader, presented awards and congratulated the students who had won the city's Triple Excellence Student and Outstanding Student Cadres. And he announced the winners of this year's Zhou Enlai Scholarship.


Follow that, the new members took the oath to join in the League. First, the new League members put on the badge, the shining badges were wearing on new members, this shining emblem will always inspire the new members to move forward.


In the second part, Mr. Wang Shaolin, secretary of the League Committee of the school, led all the new League members to take the oath of joining in the League,while the old League members relived the oath,both the new and old League members strengthened their determination to fight for the cause of communism.


Joining in the Communist Youth League is not only an honor, but also represents a more important mission and responsibility.Zhang Leyi,the representative of the League guide, read the terms and conditions on the obligations and rights of the team members, and shared her feelings as an old member:a League member,is the person who leads everyone to smile in case of failure;a League member is the one who wants to be in front of everyone when solving the problem, and who stands in front of everyone in case of difficulties.

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In the end, the representative of the new members, Xue Haotian, also expressed his own feelings: joining in the Chinese Communist Youth League is a new starting point in life. This is not only an honor, but also a more important responsibility. In the upcoming entrance exam to senior high, we should make unremitting efforts and make good results.

General Secretary Xi Jinping told us: "Youth is the golden age for hard training and talent growth. If youth is misspent and achieves nothing, how sad one will feel when he gets gray hair.” I believe that the students will pursue a dream and never misspend the youth.


I believe that all the students in junior Grade 3 will be able to make good achievements in the entrance exam to senior high, and have a bright, promising future.