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A Bunch of Leaves Makes Joy Forever – Class 7 Junior Grade 1 Dragon Boat Festival Theme Education Activity  

On June 3, 2019, all the members of Class 7 Junior Grade 1 held the theme activity of the Dragon Boat Festival on the second floor of the canteen at 3:40 p. m. The class was divided into seven groups, and each group had one aunt who taught us to make rice dumplings. We learned very seriously. Zongzi is the symbol of the Dragon Boat Festival, which commemorates Qu Yuan. The pronunciation of Zong is similar to that of Zong, so eating Zongzi during the Dragon Boat Festival also means bringing honor to ancestors. In addition, Zongzi and Zhongzi are homophonic, so many people will present Jiuzizong, hoping have a large family.


Everyone sat down in groups, and on the table laid a pile of reed leaves, a pot of glutinous rice, a few red beans and a small bundle of cotton thread. The steps were as follow: fold the leaves to form a cone, and fill the cone with glutinous rice at the bottom. Leave a gap of about 5 mm at the top, then completely press the leaves into the opening, wrap them tightly to one side, and then adjust the method of wrapping to ensure that the glutinous rice will not leak out, and finally secure the shape of the zongzi with a twine and tie a slipknot. Students were busy but happy. We helped each other. After a while, several tables were piled with zongzi. Female students also used the leaves to woven into jewelry and headbands. Some male students directly gave up the challenge of this complicated task, and played games with the leaves. We were very tired, but were thrilled about the zongzi we wrapped.

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This activity not only consisted of quiz to enable us to have an understanding of the Dragon Boat Festival culture, but also provided us with the opportunity to make zongzi to experience the Dragon Boat Festival culture. Students not only learned about the knowledge of the Dragon Boat Festival, but also experienced the sense of achievement of making zongzi. Many students also played their own creativity to wrap different shapes of zongzi and won prizes. It was such a   helpful activity.

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