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“Paying Attention to Evaluation and Studying Teaching” Middle School Art Teaching and Research Activities

On May 27, 2019, the art teaching and research activities in Xuanwu, Gulou and Qixia Middle Schools with the theme of paying attention to evaluation and studying teaching were successfully held in Nanjing Foreign Language School.

Teacher Wang Yuan of Nanjing Foreign Language School, teacher Chen Jingjing of Xuanwu Foreign Language School, teacher Zhu Qian of Nanjing No. 12 Middle School and teacher Li Huimin of High School Affiliated to Nanjing Normal University Xianlin Campus brought us a wonderful open class.


Teacher Wang Yuan's subject was the beauty of blue and white. She began with the color of regions south of the Yangtze River, and quickly attracted the attention of students. Classroom exercises were linked with the Dragon Boat Festival. Hand-made sachets and five-poison bibs composed a blue and white hymn.


Teacher Chen Jingjing led the students into the world of landscape painting. She showed how to carry pens and dye, and the students were very interested.


Teacher Zhu Qian's exaggerated funny face was the happiest lesson of this teaching and research activity. She used Mr. Bean as an example to explore with the students how the facial features of comic characters to be exaggerated and changed.


Teacher Li Huimin chose the lesson of the magic of repetition. Teacher Li prepared a variety of material packages for the students, and told them that repetition in life exists everywhere.



As art has been included in the senior high school entrance examination, how can we implement the art teaching and how can all aspects of the classroom be made more accurate and effective? These four teachers combined with specific and vivid lessons to explore and promote new teaching concepts, new methods and new experiences, and put forward opinions for improvement, so as to truly achieve the teaching and research goal of mutual learning, learning from each other, and common development.