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Struggle Is Most Beautiful Background of Youth

Zhou: Hello, I'm Zhou Ziwen of Class 3, Junior Grade 2.

Kong: I’am Kong Wenhao of Class 8 Junior Grade 1


Zhou: As we all know, the rich and colorful club activities are a beautiful scenery line in NFLS campus, and also one of the characteristic activities of the Young Pioneers of our school. In the 2018-2019 school year, squadrons of Junior Grade 1 and Junior Grade 2 declared 38 clubs, with 373 participants and more than 90 activities summarized.

Kong: Club activities can not only enrich our after-school life, promote extra-curricular exchanges, but also cultivate our organizational planning and self-management ability, and broaden our horizons.

Zhou: Next, let's invite Wu Litong from Junior Grade 1 to bring us his story with the Love Tooth Club.


Dear teachers and students.

Good morning, everyone. I am Wu Litong from the Tooth Club of Junior Grade 1, and I am very honored to speak here.

When the semester just began, I heard seniors of the Senior High School sharing their club experience, so I looked forward to setting up my own club. Thank our club's off-campus instructor, Dr. Li Huang of Nanjing Stomatological Hospital Medical School of Nanjing University for her encouragement and help. She showed me a lot of pictures of insect teeth. She told me that it is a good time to correct teeth in our age, but if we do not brush teeth well, it is very harmful. If we can set up a club to lead students to brush their teeth and protect their teeth, it will be very meaningful. Therefore, we set up the NFLS Love Tooth Club, which is what the students call the Oops Club.

We have designed our logo and slogan, tooth protection starts from childhood and starts from me. In order to improve students' interest in dental care, doctors of Nanjing Stomatological Hospital Medical School of Nanjing University and I planned activities together, including introduction of dental knowledge, correct brushing methods, prevention of insect teeth, diet and dental health, and the world of teeth under the microscope. Teachers not only broadcasted videos, had interesting quizzes, English exchanges, and even organized brushing competitions, we will give exquisite gifts to students who brush their teeth well, so that they share the experience of brushing their teeth.

We have opened the QQ group of NFLS Love Teeth Club, which has more than 120 members and forward knowledge on protecting teeth every day. We have also set up a WeChat public account, which features beautiful poster notice before each activity, and the summary of activity, which was widely praised, with one red by up to 900 students. The Nanjing Morning Post made a special report on the club, and some activity summaries were released on the official website of our school.

Our club has organized six academic activities, with each attracting 20 to 30 students. During the winter vacation, NFLS Love Teeth Club also organized popular science lectures in the stomatology hospital for students who need to correct their teeth, introduced the harm of uneven teeth, and opened up a green treatment channel. After school, we not only wore braces together, but also voluntarily organized activities to brush our teeth at noon. Through club activities, we learned that we must take good care of our teeth, if we do not brush teeth, bacteria will erode our teeth, causing cavities. On May Day, our club went to Nanjing University and carried out a unique activity in the Medical College. We not only observed the pathological structure of insect teeth under the microscope, but also fully felt the style of first-class universities.

Through the activities of our club, students learned the concept of tooth protection, the correct way of brushing teeth and how to prevent insect teeth. As the head of the club, I not only completed the planning of the activities, the collection and collation of photos, but also learned to help and support each other with my classmates. Next, our club will continue to hold an activity every two months, and I expect more students to join us. Thank you.

Zhou: Thank Wu Litong for his speech. 

Kong: A successful club needs so many efforts. 

Zhou: This is achievements and power of the struggle.

Kong: But, perhaps everybody will wonder what is struggle after all?

Zhou: It is studying hard day by day, fighting in the sports arena, or keeping our chin up in every exam and speech.

Kong: Everyone has a different understanding of struggle, but everyone is fighting for their dreams.

Zhou: In the best years of our lives, struggle is particularly valuable. Let's invite Zhang Yuyang, an outstanding young pioneer from Nanjing, to share with us her understanding of struggle.


Dear teachers and students:

Good morning. I am Zhang Yuyang from Class 5, Junior Grade 2.

At the conference of commemorating the 100th anniversary of the May 4th Movement two weeks ago, General Secretary Xi Jinping said to the young generation that struggle is the most brilliant background of youth.

What is struggle? It is the source of happiness in growth. Time flies, I will become a youth. I have proudly worn the bright red scarf for seven years. I still remembered clearly the appearance of the PLA uncle who wore the red scarf for me, and the oath that I read with the teachers and my first salute of the Chinese Young Pioneers. Through more than 2500 days and nights, this red scarf has witnessed me to become an excellent young pioneer in Nanjing and the League badge that I will wear, but also witnessed my struggle in countless moments.

What is struggle? It is the ideal boat to move forward. I believe that many of the students are Kobe fans. Yes, Kobe at 4:00 in the morning. Kobe Bryant is a high school player, did not experience the NCAA tournament, but he is the NBA's most influential player. A reporter once asked Bryant, “Kobe, why are you so successful?” Bryant asked reporters, “Do you know what Los Angeles looks like at 4 a. m.?”“I know. Los Angeles is still in the dark at 4 a.m., and I've been sweating in the gym. A day has passed, two days have passed, more than a decade has passed, and the darkness at 4 a.m. in Los Angeles has not changed, but I've become a muscular, physical, powerful, high-percentage shooter.” This is Kobe Bryant. He struggle in his youth, laying the foundation for his ideal. Struggle is not only simple efforts, but wholehearted dedication in anything and attempt until we achieve the ideal.

What is struggle? It is the responsibility of youth. Do you remember the streets of Peiping a hundred years ago? A group of patriotic young people shouted foreign sovereignty, internal traitors. With the country and nation at stake, Chinese youth, with their tender shoulders, have shouldered the declining country, the future of the Chinese nation, the responsibilities that did not belong to them, and the dream of achieving youth China with their youth who fought with blood. In the new era, we should bloom our youth in the pursuit of being responsible for the fate of his country and hold the belief of struggling for communism. As General Secretary Xi said, Chinese youth in the new era should cherish this era, bear responsibilities of times, experience, grow up, and bloom the youth n the broad world of reform and opening up in the new era.

The youth are expected to bear responsibilities, march ahead with original heart and encourage with each other.

Thank you all.

Zhou: Thank Zhang Yuyang for her speech.

Kong: Yes, struggle is the most beautiful background of youth. We will not regret if we struggle. We should devote ourselves to studies in this gorgeous age.

Zhou: We should be a person with ideals and goals, and always remember that we should be prepared to fight for the cause of communism.

Kong: As Children's Day is approaching, I wish the students of Junior Grade 1 and Junior Grade 2 a happy Children's Day and enrich your life with struggle.

Zhou: I wish high school students success in their studies and a wonderful life with struggle.  

Together: We also wish the students who will have the college entrance examination success and expect them to bring honors for NFLS.

Thank you all.