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Youthful Style Shines You – Associations’ Tour Morning Meeting

Good morning, teachers and students. I am Li xinran, head of the Public Relations Department. 

Hello, every one. I am Lin Yunke, social worker member of the school Youth League Committee. We will preside over this morning's meeting.


Summer comes after spring. The student associations will enter the stage of overview and evaluation. In the past year, 94 student associations and 38 clubs in our school held a variety of activities, which enriched the students' campus life .Among them, the hand painting society and chemical students living society were honored as two of NFLS’ top ten associations.

As the organizer and guide of the associations’ work, the Student Associations Union plays an important role. The Student Associations Union consists of the secretary of the Youth League Committee, the Public Relations Department of the Students' Union, the Social Work Committee of the Youth League Committee, the Observers of the Society, and the Expert Committee.

As the executor of the Student Associations Union management, the Public Relations Department has been improving the association management, listening to the views of students, recognizing the work of observers, and strengthening communication and understanding. We have comprehensively improved the observer system, formulated relevant administrative rules and regulations, and enhanced the enthusiasm and efficiency of the observers. They participated in the work of the associations, carefully filled in the forms and feelings of the activities of the associations, reflected the feelings of the participants in the activities most truly and reliably, so that we can understand the activities of the associations, and provide guidance and suggestions to the associations in time.

I would like to invite Lin Zijun of Class 9 Junior Grade 1 to share her thoughts as an observer of the Student Associations Union.


Hello, I'm Lin Zijun from Class 9 Junior Grade 1, an observer of the Student Associations Union.

When I first entered NFLS, I wanted to be the secretary of the Public Relations Department just because of the minister of the Department. But during my work I learned a lot and gained improvement, so I really liked the job from the bottom of my heart.

As an observer of the Student Associations Union, my main job is to observe all kinds of club activities with my partner. I still remembered the first time we observed the activities of the association, we were excited and shy. At the door of the classroom, we hung around with the observers' records and felt uneasy. Finally we mustered up courage to take the first step. Gradually, we became more familiar with our work, and observed more and more associations. We were no longer embarrassed of observing seniors in association activities. At the same time, we were also honored to experience different associations, contact with a lot of new areas, and learn some interesting and useful knowledge.

In a previous association activity, a senior who went to Yale after graduating from NFLS returned to our school during the Christmas and shared her knowledge of British debating with the students. We also had the honor to listen to this sharing meeting and had a preliminary contact with the British debating, which made me become interested in the British debating. Through her sharing and the experience of the members of the English debating club, we knew that the English debating mostly tested the accumulation and use of knowledge, at the same time, we also realized the importance of paying attention to international news and the ability to organize materials quickly.

We should pay attention to the posters before the observation of each activity, so as not to miss any. We filled in form to record the activities of various associations and submitted the record form after observation. Although they seemed to be very simple, I thought it was not simple to do every simple thing well. These pretty things not only cultivated our sense of responsibility, but also exercised our ability to observe and express. At the same time, we also realized that each activity reflected the students’ planning and preparation day and night.

Through observation, we found that many high school students actively involved in various association activities .Some associations used a competitive mechanism, and members improved their ability in the learning atmosphere. Some association activities highlighted the speech of the head or other students, and the members actively interacted in the exchange of knowledge. Some associations organized practical activities, and members operated in person to gain happiness. I thought the clubs of the junior high school could learn from the diversity of high school community activities, actively organized and participated in club activities.

This job is very meaningful to me, because I have not only gained happiness and broadened my horizons, but also enabled me to grow and develop.

I would like to thank the Public Relations Department for their trust, and I will strive to do better in the future.

Thank you.

Thank Lin Zijun for her wonderful speech. On behalf of the Public Relations Department, I would like to thank the observers for their hard work during this academic year.

In the past year, the management team of the Student Associations Union actively planned and organized all kinds of large-scale activities, observed the specific activities of associations, and experienced their busy and fulfilling work.

At the beginning of the new semester, we held a grand activity, association recruitment. 94 associations showed their presence to thousands of students and teachers at the same time. How was the venue arranged? What if it rained? How we returned the desks and chairs? How to maintain order on the scene? These are all the difficulties face us. We measured the site of each club, and marked with different colors, developed two sets of programs for sunny and rainy days, to provide the best platform for associations. On that day, the members of the management group of the Student Associations Union had clear division of work, maintained order, evacuated and checked health. 

We were full of enthusiasm as the associations were passionate and the students actively participated in. At noon, everyone was exhausted, but was happy for the wonderful activities. The successful organization of this recruitment activity was a good start for the management of our school year. During the art festival in December, we held the art salon. In order to better fit the theme of Impression Jinling, we repeatedly communicated with the president to adjust the program, brainstormed to come up with a better program.

Of course, these colorful activities were held with the efforts of the heads and members of associations. Next, I would like to invite Liu Yufei, head of the French cultural association, to share her thoughts on her participation in association activities this academic year.


Dear teachers and students, good morning. I'm Liu Yufei of Class 6 Senior Grade 2, head of the French culture association.

Founded in 2017 by a group of students from the French Class who love French culture, the NFLS French culture association became a four-star association of the school in its first year. We aim to open a window for all the students to learn about French culture, introduce and promote French culture, and enable them to have a deeper understanding of all aspects of the country. Now I would like to talk about our gains in the association activities.

First of all, we accumulated valuable experience in activities as organizers. We need refer to materials and formulate a program in organizing a game, film appreciation, or more complex knowledge lectures. Each seemingly simple proposal has to be achieved through many consultations. Salons and tours were even more challenging. The programs should be easy to understand and have both Chinese and French characteristics. At last year's community summit, we joined with six exchange students from France to stage “Strangers in China”, which combined the Chinese Kong Fu and traditional umbrella dance with French rap. We overcame communication barriers, cultural differences and other difficulties. It was an arduous task, but we learned how to communicate, understand and plan.

The members discovered the interest and developed the hobby through the community activities. At the beginning, there were only less than 20 members in our association, and most of them were from the French Class. However, the holding of various activities increased its influence, and more students of other languages joined us. Through many activities, their impression of France was no longer limited to romance. Zhou Yiyi, one of our core members, said, “Just like French cuisine, which does not only include foie gras and Macarons, French culture is not only romantic and fresh, it is rich and diverse. Some notes seem to contradict each other, but played the most harmonious music. The students who love French also show their talents. Last semester, two students from the English Class served as the lead singers of a French music drama, which had high requirements for their French level, but also enabled them to experience the charm of the language.

The association guided students to observe and think. Through activities, we are paying more attention to national and international events. In the Notre dame themed event last month, for example, we discussed the relationship between luxury brands and historical heritage, and discussed who should protect the cultural heritage in addition to history and current affairs. In the French fairytale sharing last semester, the theme was a fairy tale, but we discussed the social phenomenon affected by the fairy tale, and explored the symbol and implied meaning of the characters. The association provided us with information resources, encouraged us to put forward our own ideas, and cultivated our world vision.

Chinese soul, world mind. Rather than focusing on France, the French culture association expects the students to look at the world. Activities not only bring us knowledge and interest, but also an open and inclusive attitude. While understanding the multicultural, we see the world a different perspective, understand others, embrace diversity, eliminate prejudice with field of vision, and explore the new world with interests. I hope everyone can be childlike and curious, willing to learn and understand various cultures, and really grow up.

Thank Liu Yufei for her wonderful speech. There are many excellent associations like the French cultural association. They will dazzle in the tour, showing their efforts and achievements over the past year.

During this week's association tour, students will enjoy lively songs and dances, wonderful works, and various kinds of colorful activities in the A building lobby, under the ginkgo tree, and in front of the revolving stairs from Tuesday to Thursday noon. Meanwhile, we will place publicity boards on campus, and play the micro-video of the associations’ achievements on the big screen in front of the F building, so that we can fully appreciate the characteristics of their activities over the past year. At the same time, the Student Associations Union will hold a voting on popular associations on its official WeChat on Thursday, we hope the students can actively participate. After the tour, the star-rated associations will be evaluated, and the results will be publicized in early June.

The original intention of holding the association tour and the rating activity is not to let the associations pursue fame and gain, but hope all the member can show and summarize the rich life in one year, and realize the knowledge, friendship, and growth that they have gained from it. This is not the end, but a new starting point, and will accumulate experience and power for wonderful activities in the next school year.

I would like to thank all the teachers and students for their hard work. Thanks to you, NFLS’ association activities are so rich and colorful.

I hope the students can enjoy the enrichment and happiness brought by the association activities in the early summer.

Thank you very much.

Association activities are only a small part of most students' campus life, but for me it carries a special significance. I am a participant in many activities, and also the vice president of the poetry translation association. At the same time, I participate in the management of the community as a social worker member of the Youth League Committee. I participated in every aspect of the associations from different angles. For me, the association is not only one of the many activities in NFLS, but also a feeling and a kind of responsibility.

As the head of the Public Relations Department, I have witnessed countless members of the associations to showcase their work, present their true selves, and realize their long-last dreams. I witnessed the associations achieved remarkable results after countless practices. They smiled, shed tears, thought, and were moved and grew. Through the supervision and management of association activities, I have gained an insight that disagreement is inevitable, and contradictions and opposition always exist. To solve this problem, we should not be impatient or arbitrary, but should have sincere communication, mutual understanding, and strengthen cooperation, so as to achieve the results that satisfy everyone.