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Embracing the Times with Youth - Junior Grade 1 Holds Youth League School

On May 13-17, 2019, the NFLS Youth League Committee organized a Youth League school for Junior Grade 1, aiming at laying a solid ideological foundation for activists to join the Youth League. A total of 166 students participated in the activity. Wang Shaolin, Secretary of the Youth League Committee, Zhang Xiaosong, Deputy Director of the Students’ Affairs Office, and three members of the Youth League Committee gave lectures.


Teacher Wang Shaolin gave a lecture on the first day. He focused on the basic knowledge of the Communist Youth League, introduced the working rules and basic procedures for joining the Youth League, so that students have a clearer understanding of the organization of the Youth League and future direction.

On the second day, Sun Yuyun of the NFLS Youth League Committee introduced the history of the May 4th Movement to the students and led them to revisit the spirit of the May 4th Movement. She explained the messages and requirements of General Secretary Xi to the youth, studied the speech of General Secretary Xi at the conference commemorating the 100th anniversary of the May 4th Movement, and guided the students to follow the Chinese Communist Party.


On the third day, Teacher Zhang Xiaosong, Deputy Director of the Students’ Affairs Office, put the accent on “Youth and the Country”, expounded the relationship between individuals and the country, and teenagers and the country.  He hoped middle school students take the world as their responsibility and pay attention to the trend of national affairs on the premise of dealing with personal affairs well. Teacher Zhang taught the students to sing the Youth League Committee song, and the students further firmed their ideals and beliefs in the singing.


Dai Yiqing and Han Bingyi, two members of the NFLS Youth League Committee, gave lectures on the last two days. They talked about patriotism education and traditional Chinese culture education. Dai Yiqing mainly introduced the main achievements that China has made in recent years and the Chinese dream, and guided the students to build the national self-esteem, self-confidence and sense of pride. Han Bingyi began with chopsticks and introduced the Chinese traditional culture, hoping the students enhance cultural self-confidence and consciously assume the responsibility of inheriting the excellent traditional Chinese culture.

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The students were enthusiastic about learning and benefited a lot from the League school study. After the intensive teaching, the activists will also have three hours of self-study and participate in social practice activities in groups. Through the study, the activists to join the League deepened their basic understanding of the organization, learned General Secretary Xi's messages and requirements for young people, made clear the direction of their efforts, and further strengthened their determination to approach the League organization.

By Yu Xinyan of NFLS Youth League Committee