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The End of Childhood, So Yong – Youth Ceremony for NFLS Junior Grade 2 in 2020 

On the afternoon of May 28, 2019, the youth ceremony and the ceremony of leaving the Young Pioneers and joining the Communist Youth League of the 2020 Junior Grade 2 was held in the report hall of Nanjing Foreign Language School. On this special day, all the teachers and students gathered to witness the vigorous youth entering a new stage of their life.


At the beginning of the ceremony, 613 students stood up and sang the Young Pioneers song to review the oath of the group. The flag bearer took a steady step and escorted the team flag to the stage, and all the students left the Young Pioneers.


The first group of Youth League members in Junior Grade 2 faced the League flag and held their right fists to take the oath under the leadership of Wang Shaolin, Secretary of the Youth League Committee. The league badge of the new members dazzled under the light, and their firm eyes showed their infinite vision for the future and their determination to fight for the cause of communism.


Li Xinyi from Class 12 Junior Grade 2, as a representative of the new League members, made a speech. Zheng Linghui of Class 4, Senior Grade 3, led the students to review the glorious history of the Communist Youth League and put forward the requirement of assuming the responsibility of teenagers in the new era. His sincere words made the students clear about their aspirations and firm their ideals.


When the childish childhood photos were projected on the big screen, the students under the stage were amazed at the tremendous changes in their own and their partners' growth.

Since the students joined the Young Pioneers, they have worn the red scarf for eight years. During the period, they celebrated their 10th birthday, graduation from primary schools and admission to middle schools. 


The future is like the sea, and there is a long way to go.” “We will set sail at the beginning of youth.” The sonorous and powerful recitation echoed in ours ears, and the students' deep memories of the past two years and their yearning for the future gathered into a song of Ode to Youth.


Parents are synonymous with selfless companionship and silent dedication in everyone's growth. On the occasion of the youth ceremony, each student received the wishes of their parents. Written on exquisite letter paper with fragrant pen and ink, these words not only represented warm encouragement and ardent expectations, but also the love of parents.


The students were excited and moved. After reading home letters, they were deeply touched and firmed the belief in the future.


The teachers of the grade also prepared a growth card for the students, with their understanding of youth and their heartfelt wishes to the students.


The head teachers of each class presented awards to outstanding young pioneers with outstanding performance in the past year, rewarding their exemplary role in the grade.


The interactive link brought the atmosphere to a climax. The students passed the microphone one by one, and they figures appeared on the screen. Some students thanked their parents, teachers and classmates for their silent support, some quoted poems to express their vision and wishes for youth, and some cheered for everyone, hoping that everyone would have no regret for youth. The words in their heart were engraved in the heart of everyone.


“The youth are the king of life, the spring of life, the life of china.” At this special moment, the students looked back on the past and looked forward to the future. Striding proudly ahead for the youth.

We expect the students follow their dreams, shine and write the future with juvenile courage and fearlessness.