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Safety Together with Your Dreams


On the afternoon of June 3, 2019, the students of Class 9 Junior Grade 1 and Class 2 Junior Grade 2 participated in a publicity and education activity with the theme of Protecting Youth Safety, Keeping Away from Product Injury in the lecture half of E2 Building of Nanjing Foreign Language School. They had a comprehensive understanding, analysis and identification of possible problems related to student supplies and electronic products commonly used in our lives.


With the theme of Safety Together with Your Dreams, the activity was presided over by the host of Youman Cartoon. Feng Xinnan, deputy director of the Jiangsu Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, talked about what are defective products, how to manage them, and why we should manage defective products, enabling us to realize that the management of defective product plays an important role in our safety. Subsequently, the licensing ceremony of injury information monitoring point was carried out.


In order to increase NFLS students' awareness of preventing the hazards of defective products, senior engineers from Anhui Product Quality Monitoring and experts from Jiangsu Quality Monitoring Institute brought us lectures on the safety of stationery toys and the use and purchase of electronic products and electrical appliances respectively. Experts led us to learn knowledge about the hazards of defective products and how we should prevent the potential risk of defective products in our daily life.

After the lecture, the host asked questions about the content of the lecture. The students raised their hands and actively answered every question. Many students in our class answered correctly, and received exquisite prizes provided by the organizer, and had a group photo with the leaders and experts.

Secretary Lv Yan of our school made a summary. Secretary Lv hoped the students improve and increase their knowledge of consumption safety through learning, and stay away from product injury.


Consumption safety is closely related to the study and life of every student. We are in contact with all kinds of school and daily necessities all the time. This activity was of profound significance as it popularized the concept of defective products, broadened the knowledge of students, and taught us how to prevent potential risk in daily life. All of us are expected to grow up better in a safe and secure environment.