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Paying Attention to Eye Health for a Bright Future – June 6 National Eye Care Day Health Publicity Activity


June 6, 2019 is the 24th China National Eye Care Day. On June 3, the students of Class 10 and Class 11 Junior Grade 1 gathered in the lecture hall of E3 Building to participate in the Eye Care Day health publicity activity with the theme of Paying Attention to Eye Health for a Bright Future. Liu Hui, chief physician from the School Health Department of Nanjing Center for Disease Control and Prevention, delivered a lecture.


Director Liu Hui shared with the students the concept, reason and prevention of myopia and how to avoid worse myopia, and issued manual and bookmark about protecting eyes printed by the Nanjing Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Through education lecture, the activity enabled the students to be fully aware of the importance of scientific use of eyes, further increase their awareness of protecting eyes, guide them to develop healthy habit of using eyes, so as to protect eyes in a real sense and keep away from myopia.