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Young Students in Their Prime – The Second Resident Students’ Graduation Farewell Party and Collective Eighteenth Birthday

On May 20, before the formal graduation ceremony, the student dormitory held a small farewell party to congratulate the seven graduates on their admission to the ideal university.


The farewell party was held in the evening self-study classroom in the dormitory building, which does not have gorgeous decorations, but is the most familiar place for the students. Tonight, these seven graduates will no longer be resident students.


First of all, the representative of the resident students, Cheng Yixian, spoke. A senior 2 student, he described his experience of combining class learning with residential life, and put forward some ideas and suggestions for other resident students. His speech struck a chord with many of the students living in the school.


Next, Gong Jingyao spoke on behalf of the graduating students who are leaving school. He recalled the guidance and care from life teachers and improvement of safety facilities in the dormitory over the past three years. With thanks to the school and attachment to the dormitory management teachers, he wished the student dormitory have a better future.  


“We are with you when you grow up, and you are with us when we get old,” said Zhao Xin, a dormitory supervisor. She sent sincere wishes to the seven students, but also stressed the importance of dormitory safety and rules and regulations compliance. “This is not only responsible to every resident student but also every parent."


Teacher Han Weiping, the leader of IB grade, made a summary. She said that, “On behalf of all the teachers, I will congratulate senior 3 graders on graduation and your admission to the world famous university. I will thank dormitory supervisors for their friendly accompany and care and help and school leaders and teachers for their concern and support for resident students. I expect you to bear in mind the motto of NFLS: To be a modern man with Chinese soul and world mind. You should never forget the kindness of parents, remember the teachings of teachers, and cherish classmate friendship and national honor. I will send the most sincere wishes to the senior high school graduates and wish you achieve academic success in studying abroad and a successful career. You will always be the pride of teachers, and you are expected to go back to NFLS. Finally, I hope that senior 1 and senior 2 graders to follow the example of seniors to make good plans for their life goals, increase the awareness of learning, responsibility and rules, learn to behave yourselves, know how to be thankful, and move towards success.”


The school also made souvenir, a delicate round crystal plaque engraved with the school motto and names of the graduates, for the farewell party. Zhang Xiaosong, deputy director of the Student Affairs Office, together with Teachers Han Weiping and Zhang Jun and the dormitory management teachers, presented commemorative plaques to the graduates. They hope the students can remember their warm living life in senior high school.  


Finally, seven graduates, with the blessing of their teachers and classmates, hid their wishes in a wishing bottle, lit candles and had an unforgettable collective eighteenth birthday.


Years later, when they think of this collective birthday, they will still feel calm and warm. Giving them a blessing.