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Exchanging to Make Progress, Smoothing Heart to Infuse Emotions - Summary of Moral Education Exchange Activity at Wanzhou Nanjing Middle School

We were lucky to visit Wanzhou. On April 19, 2019, led by Vice Principal Li Xifan, a delegation of 15 moral education teachers from our school visited Wanzhou Nanjing Middle School to participate in the theme seminar on the practice of the core literacy in moral education in the new era.


At 8:00 a.m., the exchange group of our school arrived at Wanzhou Nanjing Middle School on time. The students in the chorus of Senior Grade 1 wore clean uniforms and expressed their warm welcome with neat and joyful songs, enabling all the teachers to feel the spiritual outlook of the students of the school


Vice President Xiang Lin led the delegation to visit the campus living area, teaching area, and office area. Brand-new teaching buildings, dynamic faces, and warm and friendly greetings made people feel at home. Our teachers were impressed by the intelligent management of the campus, especially the five-line management of the student dormitory and the ten-line management of the classroom, which is also the characteristic of Nanjing Middle School.


Vice Principal Li Xifan introduced people in the pictures


The Nanwai teaching building

Teacher Zhao Sida of our school held a class meeting for the students of Class 6 Junior Grade 1. The moral education management team of 10 middle schools in Wanzhou Teacher Training College and Nanjing Middle School were present at the class meeting.

Combining with current news, Teacher Zhao introduced Notre Dame de Paris by beginning with the burning of Notre Dame de Paris, and thus introduced the topic of classic reading.

5 6  

At the class meeting, Teacher Zhao explained the profound in simple terms, and introduced the literary common sense competition to mobilize the classroom atmosphere. The students thought and expressed actively, so the classroom atmosphere was active. In the course of talking about good books, the students actively cooperated with each other. Two students took the initiative to share their good books in their hearts, such as Pick Up the Flowers in the Evening and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. After listening to the sharing of students, Teacher Zhao combined his own experience to share his experience of reading, and introduced the special reading festival and Chinese class of NFLS. Finally, the students dubbed the film and television works adapted from the classic literary work Journey to the West, and their performances were vividly. All the teachers and students were inspired by Teacher Zhao's class meeting and highly praised it.


On the same day, reporters from China Media Group, Guangming Daily, China Youth Daily, Farmers' Daily, China Business Daily, Chongqing Daily and Hualong Net went to Wanzhou Nanjing Middle School to conduct an interview on the fruitful results achieved in immigration, education and counterpart assistance on the theme of magnificent 70 years of struggle for a new era. After the class meeting, Teacher Zhao Sida was also interviewed. She said, “I can feel that these children are very simple and clever, and the students also welcome us because they want to experience the teaching style of different teachers. Therefore, we want to take advantage of this opportunity to carry out two-way learning.

Zhang Xiaosong, Deputy Director of the Student Affairs Office of our school, delivered a special lecture on moral education with the topic of focusing on core literacy and developing people in the new times. In the lecture, he shared our school's idea and education ecology from three aspects: planning and system promotion, practice and moral education innovation, and having both ability and moral integrity and wise moral education. The moral education leaders from Wanzhou Nanjing Middle School and other schools in Wanzhou district actively participated in the lecture, and all the seats were occupied. In the following 20 minutes Q&A session, the teachers in Wanzhou District asked questions one after another, and exchanged experiences with the backbone teachers of moral education in our school. The atmosphere was warm.

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After the lecture, President Zhao Wanping of Nanjing Middle School introduced to everyone the achievements the school has made in various aspects in recent years, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to our school for its strong support. Li Xifan, Vice Principal of our school, fully affirmed the development and progress of Nanjing Middle School in terms of classroom hardware facilities, teacher training, teaching and scientific research and other software construction in the past year, and said that the two schools should strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the future.


Finally, the head teachers of junior and senior high schools in Wanzhou district exchanged with the head teachers for moral education in our school. The activity enhanced the mutual understanding, also further deepened friendship between our school and Wanzhou Nanjing Middle Schoo. Yuan Zhenyu, a head teacher, said that the activity enabled the teachers to have a deeper thinking of moral education, and felt that she had a long way to go as a head teacher.