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Century-Old ‘May 4th’, Vibrant Youth, Commemoration of 100th Anniversary of May 4th Movement and May 4th Debating Competition Final Successfully Conclude

As China marks the 100th anniversary of the May 4th Movement, Nanjing Foreign Language School held a commemoration activity and the May 4th Debating Competition Final for all the Senior Grade 1 and Grade 2 students on the afternoon of April, 28, in order to enable the students to more deeply understand, remember, and develop of the spirit of the May 4th Movement. 


All stood up to sing the national anthem

At the start of the May 4th Regimental Day activity, all stood up to sing the national anthem.


Secretary Liu delivered a speech

Liu Qianshu, Secretary of the Party Committee, made a speech on the historical significance of the May 4th Movement and on how to carry forward the spirit of the May 4th Movement for contemporary youth. Secretary Liu hoped the students remember the historical significance of the May 4th Movement, carry forward the value of the May 4th spirit, strengthen patriotism, strive to publicize the revolution and be aggressive, and shoulder the historical mission of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation with a high-spirited attitude toward life and a rational and tolerant cultural attitude.


Secretary Lv read out the commendation

Next, Lv Yan, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, read out the commendation decision and congratulated the winning students.


Group photo of Secretary Liu and Senior Grade 2 representatives accepting the award


Group photo of Secretary Lv and Senior Grade 1 representatives accepting the award

Secretary Liu Qianshu and Secretary Lv Yan presented awards to the student representatives of Senior Grade 1 and Senior Grade 2. The honor will always inspire the award-winning students to set an example and lead other students to carry forward the spirit of May 4 and be patriotic and innovative young people in the new era.


New League members took admission oath


New League members took admission oath 

Afterwards, led by Wang Shaolin, Secretary of the Youth League Committee, the new League members came to the stage to take an admission oath, while the veterans stood up.


The new League member Cheng Xingjian made a speech

After the admission oath, Cheng Xingjian from Class 3 Senior Grade 1 delivered a speech as the representative of the new League members. He said that it has always been his wish to join the Communist Youth League, and that after such a solemn and unforgettable moment today, he should be more strict with himself, take the League program and chapter as the criteria for action, standardize his words and deeds, and let the glittering emblem of the League guide the way forward.


Veterans Jin Yucheng and Wu Qi made speeches

Jin Yucheng from Class 3 and Wu Qi from Class 4 delivered speeches as the representative of the veterans. They believed that the new and veteran League members should not forget their original intention, keep their mission in mind, explore the new content of the national spirit, and think deeply about the new connotation of contemporary patriotism. At the same time, they also thought that all the students should keep in mind the great trust of the times, persevere, learn knowledge, enhance theory, improve skills and make contributions in practice, and constantly improve themselves.

The May 4th Regimental Day activity came to the end in the loud singing.

Next, the May 4th debating competition final for Senior Grade 1 and Senior Grade 2 was held. The debaters were well-matched, and the wonderful competition was acclaimed.

In the first competition, Sun Yujun served as chairman, with Hu Yiqing, Jiang Lu, Chen Zheng, Zhou Yuanyuan and Teacher Zheng Jiawen as the judges. The two sides had a heated debate on the topic of whether the network makes people closer or more alienated. At the beginning of the competition, the debaters were full of confidence, and the two first debaters had a clear argument. The two second debaters cited various authorities, and analyzed the influence of the network. During the free debating, the debaters of each team cooperated with each other and made witty remarks, brining the whole competition to a climax. The debaters of Senior Grade 1 were not timid, and the debaters of Senior Grade 2 dared not treat it lightly, and their verbal battle was extraordinary.


The first competition was underway

During closing statements, the fourth debaters of the two sides fought back the opponent’s logical loopholes, had clear thinking, and cited the classics. Unconsciously, the seventy-minute competition came to the end. But the students were not satisfied, and raised their hands to ask the debater. The debaters also answered fluently, and the atmosphere was warm. Finally, the experienced team of Senior Grade 2 won the competition, with Han Shuyuan and Cao Luning winning the title of the best debater.


The affirmative party of Senior Grade 2 in the first competition


Professor Hu from Nanjing University made comments

Professor Hu Yiqing of Nanjing University made wonderful comments on the performance of the debaters of both sides. He fully affirmed the performance of the debaters, pointed out the room for improvement in argument and statement, and hoped the debaters make further improvement in the following competition.


The second debating competition was underway

The second competition was also entertaining. The competition was chaired by Han Bingyi, and Zheng Jiawen, Chen Zheng, Zhou Yuanyuan, Wang Shaolin and Teacher Jiang Lu served as the judges. The topic of the debating was whether the popularization of traditional culture focuses on the exploration of connotation or innovative expression. The two sides had a heated debate on whether it is important to explore the connotation or to express innovation in traditional culture. The opposing side cited the poetry conference as an example to prove that the innovative method can attract the public to pay attention to poetry and traditional culture. But the affirmative party said that only if we fully explored the connotation of the traditional culture, we can better understand and inherit the traditional culture. The two sides fought back and forth over this, and thunderous applause broke out from time to time in the lecture hall. Finally, the debating team from Senior Grade 1 won the competition, and Yu Yunqing and Wu Yimeng won the title of the best debater.


The positive party of Senior Grade 1 in the second competition

Teacher Zheng Jiawen from Nanjing University made detailed comments on this competition. She pointed out that the traditional culture has excellent and dregs, we must abandon the dregs, inherit excellent traditional culture. She hoped the debaters design questions in the question session so as to better fight back.

The final of the May 4 debating competition triggered students' thinking about the influence of the network era on people and how to better inherit the excellent traditional Chinese culture, and guided students to make rational use of the network and consciously be the inheritors and promoters of the excellent traditional Chinese culture.