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Inherit the Ancient Styles and rhymes in the Fragrance of Books ---The First activity by NFLS Junior High’s Long Millennium Ancient Style Club

Adhering to the tenet of "inheriting and developing ancient rhyme on the basis of ancient style and ancient rhyme,providing the students with a platform for book dreams, drawing dreams, exchanges and displays", the members of the Long Millennium Ancient Style Club discussed at the beginning of this semester under the president's organization to make rich and colorful plans of activities.

With the active efforts of all members, the first event of the semester began as scheduled on March 25, 2019. Owing to the good planning, proper organization and full coordination, the event achieved the desired results, it is summarized as follows:

the activity procedure:

(1) at 15: 00 p.m., using the after school hours, all members of the club gathered at Class 11 of junior Grade 1, rolled call.

(2) The chairman read out the contents of the activities, request, guided the teacher to explain the origin, characteristics, role of bookmarks carefully, and guided the students to write down the celebrities’ mottoes about reading on their own bookmarks.

(3) The instructor checked the preparation of the related devices of electronic bookmark-making  (laptops, printers, etc.), tools (scissors, pens, rulers, etc.) one by one. Make sure that the preparation was adequate and in place.

(4) "everything is ready, but not the east wind," with the chairman’s shout "start", all members were eager to start the bookmark making with tense and order. Each member took the ancient style and ancient rhyme as the theme, fully displayed their imagination and the inspiration, carried on the electronic bookmark design (using the PHOTOSHOP software which they learned to carry on the electronic drawing on the notebook computer) or  directly carried on the manual drawing on the drawing paper. Everyone's enthusiasm for this activity was high, active hands, active brain, careful designs, there was a lot of exchange among the members, the atmosphere was great. Each of the works was novel in conception, exquisite in design and exquisite in production, which fully reflect the rich imagination and creativity of the members. There were many personalized bookmarks, and some members have also produced complete sets of bookmarks, such as "plum blossoms, orchids, bamboo and chrysanthemums," “spring, summer, autumn, winter "and" ancient ladies "and so on. They were really ingenious, and the members also wrote famous admonitions on their bookmarks. they designed their own book speech and so on, everybody liked the wisdom sayings, which gave this small side bookmark a new life.

(5) Two hours passed in a blink, everyone's hard work exchanged pieces of works containing poetic and picturesque, ancient style and ancient rhyme, although only a small bookmark, the ancient style of ancient rhyme in the fragrance of the book gained a new life and a presentation.

Jiang Junzhe photographed the whole process of the event, recording every beautiful moment in the event in the form of video and photos. We believe that after many years, these videos and photos will leave precious and beautiful memories.


Craftsmanship (purely hand-made)


Poetic and picturesque (purely hand-made)


Graceful and delicate (purely hand-made)


Simple and retro ( purely hand-made)

555 6666  

Works -- colorful, ancient tradition (computer design and production)

With the active efforts of all the members, the event was a complete success. "learn to communicate, encourage improvement; ponder, inspire; work hard, never give up!" The spirit of the club has been fully demonstrated and reflected in the process of activities. I am convinced that the activities of our club will be more and more wonderful in the future!