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The 5th Activity of NFLS Class 10 Junior Grade 1 Sudoku Club

Time: 4:15-5:15 p.m. on April 12, 2019

Participants: Guo Yihan (organizer), Li Yunyang, Xu Haoyang, Chen Yunzhu, Zhu Xinyuan, Mei Chaofan, Wang Chuxian, Yan Yikuan, Chen Huayi, and Cao Lechen

Teacher: Wu Anshuo

Duration: 60min

Location: Beside the window of the NFLS canteen

Content: The activity was held on April 12, 2019, and was the fifth activity of the Sudoku Club. Guo Yihan was responsible for designing the puzzles. The average plan was to put the students into groups of three by drawing, and Guo designed many simple Sudoku puzzles and distributed them to each group. The average person could work out two or three puzzles within one hour, and then the results of one group were accumulated, and the group with the highest score won. However, Guo did not control the difficulty of the puzzles, as a result none group could work out any puzzle. It was a little disappointing that everyone scored zero.


At the beginning of the activity, everybody's condition was good. Sometimes they said, “Another blank space had a number.” Xu Haoyang, who is quite good at Sudoku, joked with the students around him, who also responded humorously. The canteen was full of a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere. But soon it took a turn, and everyone seemed to be hampered at the same time and became silent. All of them looked for a breakthrough, Xu began assuming. Someone wrote a number in the blank space but erased it, and had never entered one number. Although everyone was willing to make a puzzle alone to prove their strength, but it seemed hopeless. We quickly got together to enable our group to complete one and become the first. Time passed, some people felt impatient, lying on the table, while others encouraged each other, and filling in the missing digits. They would argue with Guo when he came back because the puzzles he designed made the students suffer greatly, the students joked.


After a long time, none group made significant progress, and Guo came back with the answer. He walked back and forth to check whether the missing digits that had been filled in were right. Xu refuted all of his hypotheses. Few were right in some puzzles, while some were all right, increasing his confidence. A few students were gratified that they filled in a majority of missing digits, and all of them were all right. At the end of the activity, when Chen began to check the progress of the students, some were unwilling to stop, as if they would not go home until they finished. After the activity, when the students were tidying up, the group of Yan Yikuan filled in all of the missing digits and completed the grid, but it was unknown whether they were right.

333 444  

I thought it was regrettable that Guo Yihan's miscalculation of the difficulty of the Sudoku puzzles made it impossible to carry out the plan, but the mutual help of the students in setback also made us feel the importance of unity.

By Mei Chaofan of Class 10 Junior Grade 1