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Protecting City Wall, Inheriting Culture – 2019 NFLS Ancient City Wall Culture Club City Wall Culture Promotion Activity

Supporting the school's spring hiking activity, the NFLS Ancient City Wall Culture Club held a series of city wall culture promotion activities for Junior Grade 1 to publicize and popularize the knowledge of city wall, inherit the culture of city wall, and call for the awareness of city wall protection.

The club opened a city wall encyclopedia column on its own public account on Wechat, and released five articles featuring the city wall sections in the hiking, so as to enable everyone to know about the origin and stories of the Ming City Wall.

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Through enrollment and election, each class of Junior Grade 1 selected one or two representatives promoting the city wall culture. On the noon of March 8, all the representatives were gathered and got a letter of appointment from Xu Renqi, the initiator of the club.

They were Liu Yang from Class 1, Yan Chaowen and Tang Zihang from Class 2, Hang Yu from Class 3, Chen Zihan from Class 4, Zhuang Qinyao from Class 5, Chen Xianghan from Class 6, Jiang Xinyi from Class 7, Shi Mo and Lu Yihan from Class 8, Lu Chenshuo from Class 9, Mi Lan from Class 10, Xu Peijun from Class 11, and Chen Zhuo from Class 12.

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Although time was limited, we still discussed the methods of promoting the city wall culture while issuing the letter of appointment. The representative of each class forwarded the knowledge articles on the public account of the club to the WeChat group of their class for students to learn, and contacted with their teachers to make oral presentations at the class meeting. Unfortunately, three students were absent due to temporary emergency, and I communicated with them on the afternoon of that day.

On the afternoon of March 27, Zhuang Qinyao, the promotion representative of our class, and I promoted the city wall culture in our class. We found the right time after turning to our teacher for three times. It was also hard for the representatives of other classes to promote. At the meeting, we not only talked about the history and general situation of the Ming City Wall in Nanjing, the section of the city wall we would walk through in the hiking, and related historical allusions, but also talked about the establishment, activities and future plans of the Ancient City Wall Cultural Club. All the students listened very carefully.

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On March 30, the spring hiking activity was launched. More than 3,000 students participated in the school-wide city wall hiking activity. It was a beautiful day. The students of each class came to the school at the stipulated time, and we were excited. I thought that the students had benefited a lot from the promotion of the Ancient City Wall Culture Club and its public account. Through this spring hiking activity, the students not only took exercise, but also felt the cultural connotations of the Ming City Wall. Nanjing City Wall will root in the heart of each student as a cultural symbol of Nanjing.

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