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2019 NFLS Foreign Language Festival Closing Ceremony Morning Meeting

Ca Dear teachers and my schoolmates,

Both: Good Morning!

Chen: I am Chen Tianyi from Class 6 Senior Grade 1

Ca I am Cao Leyi from Class 7 Senior Grade 1


Chen: Igniting the passion of youth and pursuing the dream of foreign language. The Foreign Language Festival is an opportunity for us to show skills, the time for the teachers to witness their harvest, and the time for all the teachers and students of NFLS to grow up together.

Ca The annual NFLS Foreign Language Festival always brings happiness and harvest for everyone. Grade performances and distinctive imitation speech, English dubbing, English song singing competition were held over the past half a month. The grand foreign language corner activity held last week enabled everyone to feel the culture around the world. All these activities fully demonstrated the vigor, cultural quality and spirit of the NFLS students.

Chen: We are knowledgeable and ambitious. Today we have mastered a foreign language, and tomorrow we will go to the world with dreams. Years later, many of us will become diplomats, translators and outstanding foreign language talents.

Ca Students from the minority language classes are special at our school. What is their Foreign Language Festival like? Let's welcome Jin Ling from German Class in Junior Grade 2 to share with us their experience.


Lieber Lehrerinnen und Lehrer,Schülerinnen und Schüler ,Guten Morgen!

Hello, all the teachers and students. I am Jin Ling from German Class in Junior Grade 2.

In the past week, students from German, Japanese, and French Classes respectively gave performances. Our endeavors were bittersweet. Every class actively prepared for the performance. During the period, everyone was talking about the Foreign Language Festival, actively worked up programs to give their advices, or participated in the rehearsals late every day.

Through the efforts of this period, the students from Japanese Class in Junior Grade 2 were qualified for joining all the teachers and students, and the students from German and French Classes gave performances along with the students of Junior Grade 1. Whatever the result was, the process was always pleasant. In the performance of the students from German Class, none of the programs from Junior Grade 2 was selected, but this did not mean that our efforts were in vain. In the performance, our programs were still praised. We were happy to bring the audiences a short happy moment and make them feel our enthusiasm.

During the Foreign Language Festival, I really felt what does Roaming in Language Wonderland mean. In the foreign language corner, you could hear many different languages at the same time. Language is not only the most primitive way of human communication, but also the bridge to people's inner world. The Foreign Language Festival not only helped improve our ability in using foreign languages but also enabled us to appreciate the charm of the language, improving our interests in learning foreign language.

Every language carries the culture of a country and region. Learning foreign language is not only to learn the language of a country, or learn how to listen, speak, read and write, but also to understand the history, culture and humanistic feelings of the country. Goethe once said, “It is not language in itself which is correct or forcible or elegant, but the mind that is embodied in it.” Today, we roamed in the language wonderland at the annual NFLS foreign language festival to experience the charm of language.

Ca Thank Jin Ling. This is the last time for the students of Senior Grade 2 to participate in the Foreign Language Festival. Let’s welcome Wu Xiaoyi from Senior Grade 2 to share her experience.


Chen: Thank you for your sharing. At the end of the morning meeting, we have a bonus for you to see the highlight of the imitation speech contest for Senior Grade 1. Let's welcome Li Kunpeng, Yao Yuzhe and Liang Runzhe to bring us Churchill's speech “We will never surrender” in the movie “Darkest Hour.”

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Ca Thank the three students for their perfect imitation of the speech. This year is the 33rd NFLS Foreign Language Festival. Let’s thank all the teachers, students and parents for their hard work. Without your support, we could not enjoy the wonderful world of language.

Chen: Let's look forward to the wonderful programs selected by all grades and languages this afternoon, and wish the school performance success.