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Notice of  NFLS May 4th Movement Awards in the 2018 / 2019 Academic Year

All League Committees:

On the basis of the work plan of moral education in our school in 2018 / 2019 academic year, under the specific guidance of the school Youth League Committee, with the focus on the education of the socialist core values, "the transition of the fire--our festival," etc., in accordance of self-promotion, and giving play to the advantages, The idea of serving the society,a wide range of fruitful activities has been carried out. In order to give full play to the important role of the Communist Youth League in the ideological and moral construction of minors and the construction of campus culture, the school League Committee is scheduled to organize the commendation activities of the advanced collective and individual evaluation of the Communist Youth League during the "May 4th" period. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

I. Evaluation items

The evaluation and recognition items of the advanced collective and advanced individuals of the Communist Youth League are: the Advanced League Branch of Nanjing Foreign Language School, the excellent League members of Nanjing Foreign Language School, the excellent League cadres of Nanjing Foreign Language School, and the NFLS excellent volunteers serving individuals.

II. Evaluation conditions

1.The Advanced League Branch of Nanjing Foreign Language School: focusing on the work of the school, the class and the tasks assigned by the Party / League caucus at the higher level,actively and orderly carry out all the tasks, conscientiously carry out the educational activities on various subjects and show initial results;conscientiously do a good job in the development and education of League members, constantly strengthen the construction of League organizations, and conscientiously enhance the sense of honor, belonging, mission and responsibility of all league members; unite the team; all activities are innovative and characteristic.

2. Excellent league members of Nanjing Foreign Language School: be positive and progressive, strictly abide by the provisions of the League Charter, have a correct outlook on life, on world, have positive values; actively participate in all activities organized by the League, have a strong sense of membership; study hard,have a good moral character; have a strong sense of collective honor and innovative spirit, actively participate in all kinds of activities with outstanding performance; having been in the League for more than 6 months.

3. Outstanding League cadres of Nanjing Foreign Foreign School:love the League organization, concern the League work, work proactively, conscientiously and responsibly, have a strong spirit of innovation and the ability to carry out the work independently, and actively organize and participate in various group activities and achieve good results; Have the strong organization coordination ability, and set role model behavior to add the splendor to the League organization; their League organization has cohesion, strong combat ability, enjoy high prestige in the school.

4. The NFLS excellent volunteers serving individuals: be enthusiastic about public welfare, in the spirit of "dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress" as the core of voluntary service, actively participate in all kinds of voluntary service activities, cumulative  at least 50 hours participating in voluntary service activities inside and outside the school within one academic year with outstanding performance, the service was well commented.

III. Evaluation requirements

1. In the process of recommendation and selection, each branch should pay attention to the advancement, representative feature and generality of the recommended objects. It is necessary to organically combine excavating, commending and publicizing typical cases together, encouraging young League members to work hard, study hard, advocate innovation, and aspire to become talented people. In accordance with the principle of seeking truth from facts and being highly responsible, we should ensure that the material is adequate and accurate and can play an exemplary role.

2. Each branch committee should the initiative to apply for the advanced collective according to the conditions, and carefully summarize the work materials of the branch (about 1000 words), and submit the paper and electronic manuscripts to the League Committee (Office 311 of Administration Building) by 12:00 on April 10.

3.According to the conditions of each branch, three outstanding League members and one outstanding League cadre of Nanjing Foreign Language School will be selected, and qualified League members will be organized to apply for the award of advanced volunteers serving  individuals, fill in the application forms of excellent League members, excellent League cadres and volunteers serving individuals, and submit the materials before 12:00 on April 10 to the League Committee (Office 311, Administrative Building).

4.The League Branch of the International Department may submit the relevant excellent individuals or excellent collectives according to the conditions.

Note: please go to the "moral Education work" column of the NFLS Campus Network to download all kinds of application forms. After all the electronic manuscripts of the submitting materials are uniformly packaged, please send an e-mail to 154788908 before 12:00 on April 10. Please note "xx Class May 4 recognition Application material" in the email subject box, and leave contact details.

School League Committee,

Nanjing Foreign Language School