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The Green "Health" Trip -- 2019 Spring Excursion

Spring has come upon our wakening

NFLS. A note of spring hiking

Late sun, beautiful hills, flowers and grasses are fragrant in the spring wind


It is easy to recognize the real east wind, and the thousands of purple and red flowers means the spring.


Turn right at the school gate, leave the familiar East Beijing Road, walk along Longpan mid- road and get to the west bank of the inner Qinhuai River, embrace every leaf and flower that you didn’t pay attention to, and our most wonderful journey just began.

The two or three branches of peach blossoms come out outside the bamboo forest, and the ducks in the river are the first to feel the warmth of spring

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Warm and bright spring, we strolled on the bank of Qinhuai River, there were exquisite sculpture at the side, in the front,  sometimes it was the bridge’s hole low arch, sometimes there were blossoms, it was poetic and picturesque. Along the way, our laughter added a touch of vitality to the ancient Qinhuai River .


It is worth mentioning that there is an ecological floating bed on the surface of the river through which the aquatic canna is planted, which is used to purify the water body and protect the ecological environment.

Some students said that the natural green of the canna and the artificial green of the colorants were in sharp contrast, and some other students said that the green development idea in the construction of the city made it possible to keep the process of urbanization natural and healthy .

Feeling the city's ecological construction is one of the aims of the school's organization of this activity.

Ten-li Qin-Huai lights are brilliant, the pavilions, the towers are around the river dike

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We walked along the mouth of the Inner Qinhuai River and got to the Dongshui Pass, what we saw were the red lights hung high at the head of the city gate. At this moment, the ancient bridge, the ancient river, the ancient wall, the ancient gate and the ancient floodgate seemed to pour out to us the hundred years of history of the ancient capital Jinling.

The Zhonghua Gate is Connected with the Green Cloud, the Six Dynasties in rains and fog were the Kings achievement


Mounting the Zhonghua Gate, overseeing the view, we were surprised to find that the beautiful scenery hidden in the trees at the foot of the wall was the green and white wall in the east of the old gate.


The mottled wall, the colorful flower lamp, and the mysterious time-light tunnel, it was as if the time reversed to the Eastern Wu Period. In twos and threes, we walked through the relics carved the times’ changes, taking the responsibility of history and going to a more brilliant future.

The martyr's faithful soul traversed the sky, white clouds caressed his companion calmly.


The last stop of the journey was Yuhuatai Martyrs Cemetery. Here, we paid tribute to the martyrs, sent flowers, saluted the hero. Each of us should not forget history, but to bear the responsibility, and stride forward to the future.

With wind the rain slips at nightmoistening each thing without any sounds


Finally, thank you to the lovely staff who have cleared the way for us to embrace spring. Their silent efforts were like spring rain that nourished us.


Let's walk out of the classroom to find a unique spring view of the city that belongs to us in Nanjing which has beautiful hills and rivers.