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The Teenagers Set out Afar Again --- the Record of Senior 2nd Graders’ Learning Farm Work

On March 18,2019, the cloudy weather couldn't hide the joy of us all. The senior second graders who just finished the mini college entrance examination entered Lishui Special Education School, and began a three-day agricultural activity.


We have learned to fertilize, plant corn, plough, make grass rope and grass shoes, we had picnics, we learned to ride the water trolley, do greenhouse planting. From the theory to the practice, from the campus to the field, we had mixed feelings, it was interesting.


corn field

Before the mini college entrance examination, we silently recited the whole day "iron plough, cattle plough" and "male ploughs and female weaves." after the mini college entrance examination, we unexpectedly stumbled into the contents of the history textbooks. As soon as we picked up the rake and shovel and dug up the ridge, we were corrected by the camp teachers and were asked to do a fresh start. It was the first time we had picked up farm tools, watching the teachers plough easily, we had an impulse to try and we thought how easy it seemed, in fact, we felt how difficult it was when we actually use the shovel.

The grayish mounds of earth and gravel piled on both sides of the ridge, and we were asked to hit them, smash them,  we all wanted to help the class, but after a few hoes, our hands turned red, since we saw those capable schoolgirls still struggling to shovel the soil, we dared not slacken. “We must study hard, otherwise we will have to go home and do farm work later.” everybody was making fun of each other, the atmosphere was harmonious. 

We have experienced crazy intensive review and the mini college entrance examination, now we gathered together, maybe we didn’t have time to talk, maybe we just worked together, but we could not stop laughing, full of joy, eyes squinted into a line. It's amazing that we just looked at each other, and the infinite feelings flew in our hearts.


Learning the School Song in the Sign Language

At the beginning, we were dizzy and drowsy, but when it came to recommending students to sing on stage, we were excited immediately, clapping the hands and calling, as if the fans had seen an idol superstar. A classmate was "lucky" to be taken to the stage, but unexpectedly, the teacher asked him to choose a few sign language, he was so"angry" that he just asked some of the students who shouted his name and pushed him onto the stage. The students on the stage did sign language cutely, their expressions were made into emoticans, and the students under the stage were crazy with joy.

The school song sounded over and over again, the students clumsily made gestures, slowly, we learned how to fluently and calmly express the sign language version of the school song, those who rolled call or were roll called couldn’t hide their shyness, the young singing and laughter, everything, will be a good memory.


Gala and fireworks show

The school did not announce its decision of holding a gala in advance, but when it appeared in the school-farming arrangement, it became a secret expectation. It just came when the night fell, all the students slowly seated, the host happily walked onto the stage.

Rewrite the words of the song “in the Days in Beijing East Road", the whole class sang "Those Years," together,everyone especially cherished this group trip. The dynamic dance that ignited the atmosphere, the hilarious performance of the comedy, the incendiary singing in the sea of lights and stars... though the singing was out of tune, wrong words, the singing was not so perfect, the charm of youth was here, this belonged to our unique youth.


A list of the gala songs (long press the QR code):


(photo of a wonderful fireworks show attached to the interview later)


The boys' dormitory on the first floor was damp. Every time when we returned to the dormitory, you could always see the water all over the ground. Sleeping on a board bed, which was covered with quilts, we slept late, but miraculously woke up at over 6: 00 a. m., probably because of the cold spring. Only then did we realize that it was because we hated the smell of the instant noodles that we opened the windows, then the cold wind came in.The visiting students nagged on about turning on the air-conditioning, thinking about how to borrow some quilts, and some people even planned to lie down with their school uniforms at night, saying that only by doing so could they resist the cold, then they teased the students who brought sleeping bags together, saying that they were too pretentiou, but in fact, they envied them in the heart.

The boys discussed the allocation of rare items, the sharing of good things, or the transfer of stools to play games, as if happy things were endless. The boys' dormitory was always noisy, still, the mouths were jumping out fresh words, happiness never could stop. This time, it seemed, the collective accommodation really brought us closer to each other and we forgot the trouble in the real world. This moment, it was just happy, happiness was all we got.


These three days were of great significance to all of us. We interviewed the students at different times in the event and learned their thoughts and feelings at that moment:

Q1: How do you feel about the farming education?

student Hu after the first day of study,

The first task when I arrived was to dig holes and fertilize, which really became the first challenge for me as I walked into a strange life. The boys around me seemed to be able to dig out mud easily, but when they really did it, they discovered that even digging out a puddle for spreading fertilizer was a very complicated and tiring thing. There is infinite learning in everything, so when it comes to something that seems quite easy, you still have to try, to experience,to feel the skill and subtlety in it, and don't give up. That's what I learned from the farming education.

I also enjoyed being with my friends. In the woods, we squeezed each other's straw, helped each other rub up the long straw rope, and made a knot, turned  it into a straw ring and a necklace, and when they were gently tied to our heads or our necks, the bright green was brightened with laughter.

As words like cutting, sowing, ploughing, turning over the cart and other nouns that had been read in books appeared in reality, it was really out of control, I understood that "the truth learned from the paper is not profound, it needs real practice." Just a few days of farming education had the students experience the hardships and difficulties of labor the first hand, and deeply impressed by the wisdom of the working people. The school’s careful arrangement of art show and fireworks performance became an unforgettable beautiful memory in life. Words that couldn’t express may fade away with the wind. Youth is a feast that will end, but it is my greatest fortune to meet the best of you.

Q2: how do you feel about the farming education show?

Everybody is seventeen years old for just once, the blooming smile, the tears, are both unique and precious. In the show, a series of unprepared performances showed the most sincere feelings everywhere. The moment when fireworks flew into the sky, the dazzling lights illuminated everyone's face,it was eternal, that's probably what it was. May all be well, after many years, the friends still maintain their initial vitality and youth.

7 7

Student Guo who recalled the precious three days:

Tonight, the playground of the Special Education School in Lishui District, Nanjing, blew up the fireworks. The sky's golden powder and the red-green flame spread in the sky, and the fog of light in the sky was dissipated.

It was a night of sorrow and thought. We walked around in the dormitory, but we didn't know where to start, just thinking that it was the last night together, and tears came out again. Some people said, at this time they especially missed the good friends in junior high school, they felt that the farming education was too short to have time to open up their hearts to each other.

When another bright spring comes outside the window, it will be the spring of the next grade. At departure, I am especially grateful for the teachers and the students of this grade, I do not know how many true feelings hidden in the final blessings and hugs. I think, even if we are different in the future, even if we are in different corners of the world, we can remember this spring, the bright sun, far wind, and our youth.

Three days’ farming education activities passed instantly in the laughter and sweats of the students, it was just like a different kind of adult ceremony, last night's flying fireworks ended in the stars with perfection. Once again I send the most sincere thanks and blessings, thank you for this beautiful farming education, thank you for meeting all of you, thank the destiny.

I'd like to have a few words dedicated to our NFLS and our unique youth:

You give me youth and beautiful years, give me a home.

Staggering,you are a generous light.

I wish you to shine,  wish you splendid, and wish you will be well-known.

It's a long walk to go with the stars  Be brave from ever since