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Century-Old ‘May 4th’, Vibrant Youth Voice - Preliminary of May 4th Debating Competition for Senior Grade 1 Concludes

Four preliminaries of the annual May 4th Debating Competition for Senior Grade 1 were held in the lecture halls on the 2nd and 3rd floor of Building E from 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. on March 18, 2019.  All the students of Senior Grade 1 were present. The competition was comprised of five parts: the first debater’s opening arguments, the second and third debater’s supplements, free debating and closing statements.  

In the lecture hall on the 2nd floor, Li Jiaqi from Senior Grade 3 served as chairman, and judges were Teachers Yin Herong, Liu Wei and Wang Shaolin, and the students, Hou Yundi and Pan Hao. The students, Luo Yifan and Gui Ye, were timekeepers.

First of all, Class 8 and Class 5 argued over whether chicken soup for the soul is nutritious. Both sides engaged in a lively debate about the definition of chicken soup for the soul and when and who need chicken soup for the soul. The audiences benefited a lot from pieces of chicken soup for the soul.


Next, Class 6 and Class 7 argued over whether modernization will threaten the existence of traditional culture. The two sides focused on heated confrontation over the definition and inheritance of traditional culture, enabling the audiences and judges to have an understanding of the preservation and inheritance and development of China’s excellent traditional culture.


Hou Yundi and Pan Hao made wonderful comments on the two competitions. They affirmed the debaters’ impressive performances and emphasized the cooperation between the groups and the control of the momentum, but also pointed out the room for improvement.

In the lecture hall on the 3rd floor, Lu Jingwen from Senior Grade 3 was chairman, and the judges were Teachers Lv Yan, Xia Baonian and Chen Zheng, and the students, Gong Xinran and Xu Jingyi. Two members of the school Youth League Committee, Pan Yi and Gu Yueping, were timekeepers.

First of all, Class 2 debated with Class 4 about the topic of “The contented people or discontented  people, who have more happiness.” The two sides explained and debated about the contented people and the discontented people with philosophical thoughts, refuting the other side’s viewpoints while fully displaying their personal knowledge, fighting back and forth over this.

3 4  

The competition between Class 1 and Class 3 was extraordinary. The two sides argued over the impact of foreign culture on national culture: whether the foreign culture does more good than harm or more harm than good. The debaters cooperated with each other, and their witty remarks and courage pushed the competition into a climax. The negative side was highly praised by the audiences for their clever question: What traditional festival is it today?

5 6  

Teachers Xia Baonian and Chen Zheng respectively commented on the two competitions. They highly affirmed the excellent eloquence of the two sides, but also pointed out the room for improvement and wrong viewpoints.

After fierce competition, the winners in the preliminary round were Class 3, Class 4, Class 7 and Class 8.
The Excellent Debaters were as follows:

Liu Ruotong from Class 1, Senior Grade 1 

Chen Jinqi from Class 2, Senior Grade 1

Cheng Hangjian from Class 3, Senior Grade 1 

Deng Xinyue from Class 4, Senior Grade 1

Yang Kaiyue from Class 5, Senior Grade 1

Cao Luning from Class 6, Senior Grade 1

Cao Leyi from Class 7, Senior Grade 1

Wu Yimeng from Class 8, Senior Grade 1

Following the tradition, the "May 4th" Debating Competition enriched the students’ campus culture life and exercised their oral expression ability and adaptability. It led the students to think about traditional culture, and helped them develop good personality and temperament, showing the good spirits of the NFLS students.

By Lin Yunke and Yu Xinyan of NFLS Youth League Committee