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“Good Appearance and Etiquette Touching My Heart”

“Observing etiquette makes people benevolent and thus is beneficial to all, which is crucial for governing a country.”

-- The Commentary of Zuo


On the afternoon of March 18, all the students of Junior Grade 1 gathered in the lecture hall to learn etiquette from professional training teachers. They were very interested in the training and from time to time communicated with others around them. The atmosphere was harmonious and active for the students’ active participation.


In mere one hour, the students knew about different requirements for dressing and appearance during different occasions, and also learned three methods of wearing ties. Meanwhile, they learned the standard postures of sitting, standing, walking, squatting, guiding, shaking hands, and passing.

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Teacher Cai Ziqiang, leader of Junior Grade 1, said that, “‘Good Appearance and Etiquette Touching My Heart’ is a series of etiquette activities targeting Junior Grade 1. The etiquette training from professional teachers marked the launch of the activities. Later, they will popularize knowledge on class etiquette, standardize the students’ appearance and manners in daily life, and organize an etiquette knowledge contest in the grade.”


It is a respect for others to make our behaviors and words appropriate when getting on with others. Do not litter waste paper and keeping off the grass. Respecting and caring for other creatures, and do not disturb their lives. All of these are etiquettes. Etiquette is necessary in many places, and it will become a habit by making small changes every day.