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Junior Grade 1 “Good Appearance and Etiquette Touching My Heart” Theme Activity

On the afternoon of March 18, the “Good Appearance and Etiquette Touching My Heart” theme activity targeting NFLS Junior Grade 1 kicked off with an elaborate etiquette lecture. Five flight attendants from China Eastern Airlines gave the students a lively and interesting etiquette class. Their elaborate explanations enabled everyone to have an understanding of necessary etiquettes in daily life. They showed students the correct postures of standing, sitting, walking, and shaking hands as well as the basic methods of wearing ties and makeup. The atmosphere was quite lively for the students’ active participation. The activity depended the students’ understanding of Chinese etiquette and inspired their enthusiasm about knowing about, learning and having etiquette. Being a NFLS student with good appearance and etiquette has become the common aspiration of the students after the activity.

Correspondent: Ye Xintong

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