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Charity Sale, Philanthropic Act – NFLS' 17th Month of Love Charity Sale

The annual Month of Love event of NFLS is coming in Mar. A long-awaited charity sale was held on Mar. 4. Less than 4:00 p.m., the playground had been bustling with students. All of them couldn't wait to gather in front of stalls and bought dazzling goods from every class.

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Representatives actively promoted the goods offered by their classes on the stage, and before the stalls of each class, students' shouts attracted others' attention.

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The stalls for junior high school and Senior Grade 1 occupied more than half of the football field. All kinds of goods, including magazines, books, cards, pendants, dolls and sculptures, were dazzling. "It is an unprecedented charity sale and I go shopping with my savings for one year," said a student.


The stalls for Senior Grade 2 were lined up on the south side of the playground, like a dragon, featuring abundant goods which looked like the scales. "C++", "5•3", Qidong, TOEFL and other textbooks were displayed at several stalls. "They are indeed NFLS' students, and we are deeply impressed," said some students.

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The stalls for the student associations were on the north side. Their goods were unique and distinctive, and even only one kind of goods was available for sale at some stalls, but they still attracted many students, becoming a unique landscape on the playground.


All the students on the playground bubbled over with joy. They were excited about the proceeds from the charity sale, the results of their hard work.


This junior high student returned fully loaded, and he was so thrilled. Those who sold goods were also ecstatic as they made money.


As the old saying goes, "Don't miss doing any good thing no matter how insignificant it looks." Although one hour was short, the students not only got their favorite goods and exercised their own eloquence, but also raised money for people who need help.

All proceeds from the charity sale will be donated to charity, reflecting the philanthropy of NFLS students. We hope next year's Month of Love event and charity sale will be more brilliant.