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The Construction of Eco-civilization

Lu: dear teachers and friends, good morning! I am Lu Jingwen from Class 7, senior Grade 3.

Jiang: I am Jiang Haoyuan from Class 8, senior Grade 3. we will host today’s morning meeting.


Lu: The construction of ecological civilization is the slogan that we often hang on the mouth. Since the 18th National Congress, the relevant policies and regulations, and strategic decision-making have emerged one after another at the national level. As for every citizen, almost everyone can say a few  words driving less but planting more trees any time, any place they go.

Jiang: As a long-term plan related to the well-being of the people and the future of the nation, the importance of the construction of ecological civilization needn't be said much. However, as middle school students of the new era, is our understanding of ecological civilization stagnating only in a few familiar words? In the face of the ecological problems that can be seen everywhere in our lives, can we put forward our own unique views?

Lu: "Green water and green mountain is gold mountain or silver mountain." in the face of the severe situation of limited resource, serious environmental pollution and ecosystem degradation, the construction of ecological civilization in harmony between man and nature should be integrated with the development of economy, politics, culture and society, be constantly updated its way and content. I hope this morning meeting will bring us some new perspectives.

Jiang: next, let’s welcome Wang Shujun from Class 7, senior Grade 3 to talk about problems of ecology pollution with us.


Hello, everyone, I am Wang Shujun from Class 7, senior Grade 3, the core word I am going to talk about today is -Water pollution and its treatment.

The fifth plenary meeting of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) put forward five development ideas, and Green is one of them. When you look at the introduction to the green concept, you can see the following: "To fully save and efficiently use the resources, set up the resource view of the intensive recycling, establish and perfect the rights in energy, water, emission, the carbon emission right initial distribution system, and promote the formation of the social fashion of the frugality."

Water usage, drainage are not new to everyone. The ten miles of Qinhuai River water which surrounds Jinling City, is not always oars’ rowing sound or lights’ shadow, strange smells and floating wastes often smite people's beautiful imagination of this ancient capital city in six different dynasties; The water of Taihu Lake, which nourishes Wuxi City, is not the clear appearance of Taibo Zhongyong’s first visit, and the explosion of cyanobacteria has consumed the oxygen in the lake water and exhausted the mystical sense of history shrouded in Wu culture. Yangzhou and Zhenjiang, which are just at the other side, can no longer make Mr. Lin Chuan sigh with joy that "the spring wind has again blown the banks of Jiangnan green," and the sensational incidents of piping waste acid and running water pollution draw people back to reality from the poetry of the Northern Song Dynasty.

According to the data, the proportion of water quality in class Ⅳ and sub-class Ⅳ water quality is still as high as 32.3% in 2016, and the situation of water pollution prevention and control remain very serious. The water quality of the five major river basins in the seven major river basins in China is not optimistic. The water quality of lakes (reservoirs) is not optimistic,either. In 2016, Taihu Lake and Chaohu Lake were slightly polluted, Dianchi Lake was seriously polluted, Taihu Lake and Chaohu Lake were mild eutrophication on average and Dianchi Lake was severe eutrophication on average. The city has a very wide range of black and smelly water. Ministry of Housing and Environmental Protection jointly announced the situations about national city polluted water on February 16,2016, that 281 out of 295 cities at the prefecture level and above had been released 1861 black and smelly water sites. A total of 1861 black and smelly water bodies had been found. By June 6, 2017, the monitoring platform for the renovation and supervision of urban black and stinky water bodies nationwide identified 2100 black and smelly water sites, with a length of 7063.383 kilometers, which is equivalent to 157 percent of the length of the Yangtze River, and a water body area of 1484.647 square kilometers, which is about 63% of the Taihu Lake's water area.

Therefore, water environmental management and water security have become one of the most important tasks in China. It is gratifying to see, the industry experts think China is at the defending stage of water pollution control, and it is the country that water pollution control is the "most active" in the world. China has made great efforts to control the water pollution and has made remarkable results: large-scale sewage treatment has increased greatly from zero to having quite some, and the urban sewage treatment rate has been greatly improved, China has completed about 5,000 urban sewage treatment plants in just 10 to 15 years, and the scale of sewage treatment has been comparable to that of the United States. The prevention and control of water pollution is an important part of the construction of ecological civilization. At present, China is actively exploring the management and innovation of the river and lake, In 2016, the "river-owning system" was fully implemented. In the beginning of 2018, the idea of"lake-owning system" was put forward and it would be set up in a comprehensive way at the end of the year, and the responsible person for pollution prevention and control were assigned to the rivers, lakes and sea. In addition to the system innovation, water pollution control cannot be separated from scientific and technological innovation. With the government's investment in scientific research, the research and development of related technologies are also very active. For this year's spring outing, we will walk along the river bank of the inner Qinhuai, we will invite the students to pay attention to the measures taken by Nanjing in order to control the water pollution and improve the water quality. What kind of plants are which are planted on the biological floating bed on the surface of the water? What role do they play?

As a middle school student, we should fulfill our obligations as citizens, start with small things, protect the environment, do not destroy the environment, and drive our relatives and friends around us to be more aware of environmental protection by doing our best. Liang Rengong wrote "the Juvenile China Theory" more than a hundred years ago. China is not a superpower in the world, but a growing young country. In the process of her growth, she naturally depends on the love and care of each classmate.

Thank you all.

Jiang: Thank Wang Shujun for his wonderful speech. Water is the source of life, an important resource basis for all living things, and one of the most important components of organisms. However, it is renewable in a broad sense and non-renewable in a narrow sense. So we have to protect our increasingly scarce water resources like we protect our eyes.

Lu: Protecting water resources is not just an empty remark. We should start with small things around us, save water and protect water sources.

Jiang: With the progress of industrialization, the ecological environment around the world has been destroyed in varying degrees. The existing ecological problems are not only water pollution, but also air pollution, light pollution, energy shortage and so on. They are all ecological problems that cannot be ignored.

Lu: The development of science and technology provides a new way for us to solve all kinds of ecological problems. With the birth of new energy, the problem of energy shortage has been alleviated. Various new resource regeneration technologies also provide possibility for us to recycle all kinds of resources more efficiently, and promote harmonious symbiosis, virtuous circle, all-round development and sustained prosperity between man and nature, between humans, and between man and society. Next,let’s welcome Chen Siyu from Class 1, senior Grade 3, to introduce us how to use science and technology to protect the ecological environment.


Dear teachers and friends:

Hello! I am Chen Siyu from Class 1, senior Grade 3. In the winter vacation that just passed, a small scooter broke into the spectators’ sight and received 4.5 billion yuan of the box office and comments from all walks of life. "thousands of roads, safety first" is one of the classic lines. And the carrier, which has been playing this sentence, has also attracted my attention-how do man drive such a large carrier and move through the ice and snow in 2075, when supplies are scarce? By flipping through the handwritten notes, I learned that the director team had given the explanation that the carrier used special liquid fuel to drive the vehicle forward and maintain the temperature inside the vehicle at the same time.

In our real life, liquid fuels such as alcohols, have emerged, which are widely used as raw materials, they are easy to store, can be added at any time and environmentally friendly, which is a very popular clean energy source. Of course, in addition to liquid fuel, new energy vehicles are now known to use electric power, which uses batteries as energy storage power sources to provide electricity to the motor through the battery to drive the motor to run, thus driving the car to travel. At the same time, with the mature technology, the pure electric vehicle also faces the problems of too little storage of energy per unit weight of battery,the battery of electric vehicle is rather expensive, and  hasn’t been formed an economic scale, which leads to the higher purchase price and so on. . But as you can see, many of our daily buses have been replaced by electric power, and the government has subsidized residents who buy new energy vehicles. With the progress of science and technology, new energy vehicles will be able to enter the life of thousands of families! Apart from pure electric vehicles, gas vehicles, hydrogen-powered vehicles, fuel cell vehicles and air-powered vehicles all belong to new energy vehicles. Air is used as energy carrier, air compressor is used to compress air above 30MP, and then stored in gas storage tank.Compressed air is released to drive the motor when you need to drive the car. It can be said that's a very interesting energy saving idea.

When it comes to cars, it is easy to associate them with the travel of seeing the world. Ecological civilization, a grand subject, has many interesting subjects and projects, ecotourism is one of them. It is a tourism having special ecological environment as the main landscape, sustainable development as the concept, ecological environment protection as the premise, and the harmonious development of man and nature as the criterion, and relying on the good natural ecological environment and unique humanistic ecosystem, adopting the ecological friendly way, carrying out the ecological experience, ecological education, ecological cognition and making the tourists happy both mentally and physically. In the past, tourists were after 3 "S", namely warm sunshine (Sun), blue sea (sea) and comfortable beach (Sand) caused damage to the natural environment of the scenic spot; But now, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the introduction of the concept of ecotourism, people pay more attention to 3 "N" when choosing destinations, that is, to go to the (Nature) of nature to remember the nostalgic (Nostalgia) complex that mankind used to live in harmony with nature. Let yourself melt into nature into the highest spirit of heaven (Nirvana). When you are in close contact with nature and feel the cleanest beauty, the pleasure you reap comes not only from the body's senses, but also from the common mind that echoes from your soul.

Ecological architecture is like a tree with all kinds of fruits. It sees architecture as an ecosystem, and the essence is that it can integrate a large number of people into a super-building, by organizing and designing all kinds of physical factors in the inner and outer spaces of the building, energy circulates in an orderly manner within the architectural ecosystem, resulting in an efficient, low-cost, no-waste, pollution-free, ecologically balanced building environment, for example, the Death Star in Star Wars, Zion in the Matrix, and ant mounds in Ant Brother's Legend. In real life, the cases include Germany's three-liter house, Orleans's Noah, and so on.

To protect the environment, the construction of ecological civilization is not only the responsibility of scientists, but also depends on the constant renewal of science and technology level, the emergence of new inventions, and on the obligation of each of us, depending on the renewal of each individual's concept, strengthening of environmental awareness. Because the earth is the home on which we live. If we really run out of materials and energy one day, the vagrant will not be the earth, but the human race. Where can we go at that time?

Lu: thank Chen Siyu’s wonderful speech. The construction of ecological civilization has never been stopped since ancient times. Mencius, too, has mentioned in his book I, to My Country,that, When you do not disobey the farming rules, you will not eat up all the grains; if you don’t use fine-structure net to fish, you will have some fishes and turtles left; if you cut the trees in right times, you will have wood for future use.

Jiang: At present, we have a deeper understanding of ecological civilization. We emphasize the self-discipline of human beings and the interdependence between man and the natural environment, promote co-existence with each other. Today's ecological civilization, we can say, is the result of deep reflection on the traditional civilization form, and it is very important for us to adhere to the concept of green development.

Lu: The construction of ecological civilization is not just a slogan, it should be reflected in our words and deeds. Tomorrow is Tree Planting Day, the students who can plant trees could actively participate in voluntary tree planting, or maintain the classroom of potted plants, with our own practical actions to protect the environment, build a beautiful campus, beautiful China.

Jiang: Let us join hand in hand to save resources, protect the environment, adhere to sustainable development and create a more beautiful tomorrow. This is the end of our speech. Thank you all.