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Student Associations Application Q&As

NFLS Student Associations (Clubs) Application for Next Semester Begins


Q1: I missed the application for an association (club) in the last semester. Can I establish a new association (club) in this semester? What should I do?

A: The application for a student association (club) begins in two weeks before the start of the new semester, so you can still apply in this semester. But firstly, we want to ask you if you have enough determination and time to do it and if you will be responsible for all the members who trust you. If so, you need to prepare the following: drafting the association's development plan (management rules and plans etc.), the information of the sponsor, the sketch of the association logo, the intention of teachers inside and outside the school (please download the template in the QQ group: 324625665), hand over the materials to the Student Associations Union in Room 311 of the Administration Building before 16:00 on February 28, and applying for review. If you want to establish a club, you just need to sign in at the class teacher and put it on records at the Young Pioneers group. The review results will be announced on March 4.

Q2: What is the difference between the association (club) applied in this semester and the last semester?

A: 1) NFLS student associations recruitment will begin in one day in October. Therefore, if the new student association applied in this semester misses the recruitment, it should do publicity and recruit members by itself, but it can participate in the recruitment of the school next October. The student clubs recruitment will be organized by the Young Pioneers squadron.

We will assess and rating the associations that have run for more than one year and select star associations. Star associations will be honored by the school, and the leader of the five-star student association will also be honored by the school. Clubs will be included in the rating. Therefore, the association (club) applied in this semester will not participate in the assessment and evaluation of star associations for the 2018-2019 school year.

Q3: How will the student association (club) applied in this semester remain in the next school year?

A: You should register the association (club) applied in this school year by a specific date in the next school year, or you will be considered giving up the association (club). At the same time, you should prepare relevant register materials and do not have to submit application materials once again. 

Q4: What is the difference between an association and a club?  

A: The association is for students from Senior High, while the club is for students from Junior High.

Q5: Do I have to pay for joining an association (club)?  

A: Student associations (clubs) are non-profit organizations, but some associations (clubs) may charge necessary activity costs. Some associations clubs (clubs) will have the membership grade. If you become a senior member, you will be entitled to a reduction. In addition, our school will provide necessary support for associations (clubs), such as posters printing, expert lectures, and rewarding for star associations (clubs).

Q6: Can an association (club) be sponsored by the society?  

A: The association (club) can accept social sponsorship if it needs a large amount of funding. However, what needs reminds is that we should have knowledge on law and financial management and record the detailed use of the expense, sign agreements with sponsors or social groups to clarify the rights and obligations of both parties, meet legal requirements and do not damage the interests of our school. Therefore, the association (club) should be cautious and accept social sponsorship under the guidance of the Student Associations Union.

Q7: What are the procedures for organizing activities of an association (club)?

A: We hope every association activity will be wonderful and every student can gain something. In general, you should follow these steps:

1. Making a plan with teachers.  

2. Submitting the electronic edition of the activity plan and posters to the Student Associations Union for review.

3. Posting posters printed by the Union at the designated location.

4. Organizing the activity as planned and submitting the activity process and summary to the Union on file for the assessment of a star association.

Led by the club leader, each member should take turns to organize at least one exchange activity every month and record the activity to strengthen publicity and expand influence.

The above tips are a basic explanation for the management of a student association (club). If other questions concerned are not included, please join in the QQ group 324625665 (class and name required) or call 83228815 to consult the teachers of the Union. In addition, we are continuously improving our programs and welcome you to offer your proposals to contribute to the flourishing development of NFLS student associations and clubs.