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National Flag Group Holds First Activity in the New Semester

On February 16, the NFLS national flag group held the first national defense education activity in the new semester. Regular physical and formation training were initially carried out. The group received the training of standing, quick march, goose step, flag guarding and raising at the school track. Although the students were still in the vacation, they did not complain and trained hard so as to show the charm of the group in the new semester and promote patriotism.

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After the regular training, all the members of the group visited the Gangzi Village Station of Line 4 designed for national defense education. Photos and texts themed national defense education were exhibited at both sides of the tunnel and on the ceiling. These photos epitomized the brilliant history of the people's army for 91 years. Impressed by the stereo display under the sound and light, all the students further enhanced their feelings of loving the national defense and military and awareness of building a strong country and military.

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