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Holding Great Ambitions, Leading Future with Knowledge – Students from NFLS Senior Grade 1 Actively Participate in Public Welfare Bridge Activity of Evergrowing Bank

On the morning of November 24, 2019, students from Class 3 Senior Grade 1 of Nanjing Foreign Language School participated in the public welfare bridge activity of the Nanjing Branch of Evergrowing Bank with the theme of "Holding great ambitions and leading the future with knowledge," led by Wang Shaolin, Secretary of the NFLS Youth League Committee, and Chen Zheng, Head of the Political and Teaching Research Group.

The activity consisted of two parts. The students firstly visited the daily work of workers in the banking department. A senior worker introduced the business division and the use of self-service electronic equipment to the students. All of them were deeply impressed by his clear explanation.


Students wrote their new year wishes on the happy tree.


Afterwards, the students learned how to count money and identify counterfeit money. A worker showed them the skills. She quickly piled up the bills on the table, skillfully had them among the index finger, middle finger and ring finger of her left hand, gently pushed them with the thumb and index finger of her right hand, and then a stack of complete bills became a beautiful sector. Her simple yet skilled finger action and moderate strength dazzled the students but she quickly and accurately counted 10,000-yuan bills. The students were also eager to have a try. They received stacks of bills, of course for practice, to count. However, they failed to hold or open them. They want to gather all their strength but still could not spread them out evenly. When they said that they had to experience it, and they had a deeper understanding of the truth that achievements come from hard practice. After a little practice, the students participated in a counting competition, which was designed to improve the students' counting skills.


Workers explained and showed counting skills


Students seriously practiced


A fierce counting competition was held

In the second part, the Nanjing Branch of Evergrowing Bank showed our students their public welfare activities and introduced Ersheng Central Primary School. The introduction made the students have a deeper understanding of the purpose and significance of public welfare activities. Then, every student got a book and wrote their wishes on the customized cards. Some quoted famous poems and sayings, such as "Wisdom in hold, elegance in mold" and "Reading ten thousand books and travelling ten thousand miles." Some wrote their feeling of reading that "The book is a best teacher and friend and is a window to the vast world." Every student wrote carefully and expressed their encouragement and wishes to the pupils in Ersheng Central Primary School. These cards and books will be sent to the children.


Students carefully wrote wishes

Finally, the organizer granted the social practice certificate to every student. Workers of the bank also sent all the teachers and students lucky bags and their new year wishes. This public welfare activity was quite fruitful. Students not only broadened their knowledge and vision in practice but also had a deep understanding of the meaning of "Holding great ambitions and leading the future with knowledge." The huge power of the public welfare bridge is also shown up. Based on people's goodwill and benevolence, it connects donors with recipients and builds a rainbow bridge for vulnerable groups to the future.


Social practice certificate


Group photo