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Ting – You Have New Year Wishes to Be Accepted! -  Calligraphy Club Holds Activity of Writing Spring Festival Couplets and Sending Chinese Character Fu

“Good fortune spreads all over the country as the Chinese New Year is coming." Unconsciously, this semester is over, and the year of pig is coming. To inherit and promote the traditional culture and add the festive atmosphere, the Calligraphy Club held a series of activities of writing Spring Festival couplets and sending the Chinese character Fu, celebrating the Spring Festival with all the teachers and students and citizens.


On the morning of January 24, in the art classroom students from the Calligraphy Club laid out the couplet papers, rolled up their sleeves, took up writing brushes and dipped them in black ink, showing off the artistic charm of calligraphy. The classroom was full of a festive atmosphere.


Seal character, clerical script, semi-cursive script and cursive script are distinctive. Soon, the wall was covered with pairs of couplets that were vigorous or delicate.

At 9:30 a.m., a number of teachers came to participate in the activity with cheerful music. All of them were surprised at the strong festival atmosphere in the school and had a photo taken with the writers.


Many teachers were struck by the atmosphere and wrote pairs of Spring Festival couplets. When teacher Cao Qihai took the writing brush, others quickly crowded around. His couplets were taken away immediately after he had finished. There were so many teachers participating in the activity, so it was extended by one hour. "The atmosphere is fabulous and I have outdone myself," teacher Guo Suning said with a smile.


Here are the gains and experiences of two club members:

Leader Xu Yizhen:

The activity was extraordinary significant. As the calligraphy culture has become increasingly popular, most people are not buying Spring Festival couplets but began to write themselves. Calligraphy is the cultural treasure of the Chinese nation. At the end of an old year and the start of a new one, we combined calligraphy with the Spring Festival couplets and the character Fu to make calligraphy penetrated into our life.  

Vice President Han Bingyi:

"We bid farewell to the old year in the sound of firecrackers and welcome the new year smelling the fragrance of plum blossom." Without firecrackers and the fragrance of plum blossom, the art classroom was still brimming over with the atmosphere of joy, and even the wall seemed to be smiling. In the classic music, many other teachers also came to participate in the activity. I was thrilled that my couplets with sincere wishes were taken home by teachers. 


On January 25, at the gate of the Lanyuan neighborhood committee, members of the Calligraphy Club celebrated the festival with citizens and won high praise of citizens.

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Grandpa Li, who lives near the neighborhood committee, said: "Writing Spring Festival couplets ourselves is a great feeling. These couplets are so good, and we are willing to putting them up on the doors!" 

Some citizens said that this was the first time that they participated in the activity, and were amazed at students' strong calligraphic skills and calm mental attitude. They gave all the students thumbs-up!
The careful guidance of teachers and the hard work of club members made these two activities successful. On the occasion of the festival, the NFLS Calligraphy Club
wishes all the teachers, students, parents and citizens a happy new year and good luck!