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NFLS Xingyi Club Leader Zhao Shiyu Hosts National Children's Spring Festival Gala on Youman Cartoon TV

On January 13, "Youman Cartoon TV 2019 National Children's Spring Festival Gala" was broadcasted in the studio hall of the Youman Cartoon TV of Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation (JSBC). Zhao Shiyu, leader of NFLS Xingyi Club, co-hosted the gala together with two well-known hosts of Youman Cartoon TV and three other children from Guangdong, Fujian and Shanghai respectively.   

Zhao from NFLS Class 9 Junior Grade 1 has successfully hosted Jiangsu Youman Cartoon TV Children's Spring Festival Gala for two consecutive years. His solid foundation and handsome image have always been highly praised by the director and audiences. He made his debut by hosting the performance of the 33rd NFLS Art Festival and was widely appreciated by the students and teachers.  

Jiangsu Youman Cartoon TV is China's first provincial-level children's satellite channel. The hosts for this year's gala were selected across the country, demanding strict standards. Zhao was successfully elected once again for his championship in a variety show of Youman Cartoon TV. 

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