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Be Who You Really Are -- the Third Design Club’s Event--Designing Personal Image

We've heard a lot of people talk about their fantasies of themselves.

In life, we always want to make a good impression on others, so we try to become the way they like it and hide the real ourselves in our hearts.

So in our hearts, there is always another us, he may be similar to our real personality, and may have a very different character.

But, after a long time, maybe after many years, we look back on and think, we forget the way we dreamed at the beginning.

So we had this activity to record our young thoughts and design who we really are.


During the winter vacation, not many people were able to get together, and most of the members finished their work at home. The 4 members, in Nanjing Jinling Library, meditated to describe themselves in their dreams. Most of the participants in the event were quiet people. The sense of belonging is not very high, but they draw “another themselves” on paper.


In fact, the person who lives in everyone's heart, may be very different from the reality, when we were painting, gradually what our characters were like became clear. 

Among them, the ballet girl with long hair desires short hair, wants to try hip-hop. But she has to have long hair for the sake of dance.


The quiet, obedient girl, in fact, wanted to show her best performance. But in the eyes of everyone, she was just the little girl who didn't like to talk.


The tomboy, who never wore a dress, wanted to wear a dress and be like a lady for just once. It was just that she doubted whether she would be laughed at in a skirt.


Serious eyes, delicate strokes, these can not hide everyone's desire to reveal their true inner self, they also regretted the gap between reality and dreams.

We also received an unusual piece of work, using electronic drawings, she began to mimic professional design. Vivid and full of childlike design concept notes were one by one next to the picture, interesting inspiration, lovely texts, we could not help sighing that we were in the best youth, our future is of infinite beauty.


Next to the body with full personality is the lines of design ideas and instructions,and everybody wrote those little unremarkable details in strokes.

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These lively figures, interesting designs, while appreciating, we see that they and the students in the reality impressed us more or less differently.

We believe that in life, in fact, we should not care too much about what others think, but follow our own heart, do what we want to do, live the life the way we want to live, what is hidden in our heart is the most real yourself, it is shining.

In a short life, You and I am going to lose,

You might as well be bold,

Pursue a ray of light,

Be yourself for just once.