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To Be an Architect of Dreams

Gu: dear teachers and friends,good morning! I am a member of the League Committee of our school, my name is Gu Yueping from Class 5, senior Grade 1.

Yu: I'm a volunteer member of the League Committee, my name is Yu Xinyan from Class 8, senior Grade 1.


Gu: It is spring in March, it is a warm spring with flowers blooming, we are greeting the 17th Love Month activity. The theme of this Love Month is "Building a Dream with Love", which aims to provide students with the opportunity to be grateful to others and give love to them.

Yu: In his New year congratulatory speech, General Secretary Xi encouraged everyone: "We are all running hard, we are all dream seekers." If every NFLS student tries to run, pursue dreams, pass on love and help others realize their dreams, then we can realize all our NFLS dreams.

Gu:Around us, there are a group of students whose hearts are tied up with the kids living in the mountainous area, they go to Daliang Mountain in Sichuan during every summer vacation, and they get along with the children there get along closely, share the knowledge the have learned with the children, help them broaden their horizons and show them a richer world.

Yu: next, let’s welcome Yue Liang from Class 1, senior Grade 1 to share his teaching experience there


Hello, dear teachers and friends,I am Yue Liang from Class 1,senior Grade 1. today my topic is “ To be an Architect of dreams”.

During the summer vacation of the second year in junior high, accompanied by my parents, I went to Wagujing Haichen Primary School in Daliangshan, Sichuan Province, with my classmates Chen Yutong and Zhu Tianhao to carry out support activities. That summer vacation, our teaching content was to introduce the outside world to the children, the shining eyes of the children while they were listening to the class made us feel a little sad. But it also reinforced our belief that we should do whatever we can to help them, even if we don't have the ability to build a road for them.

The next summer, when we went to Daliangshan, we took the computer, projector and curtain. With these instruments, we brought more knowledge to the children and broadened their horizons. For example, what they see this time is a precise color map of the world, rather than the simple map outlined in chalk by the three of us who have no art skills.

When returning to Nanjing, we decided to carry out other activities. After donating clothes and books, we started with an e-commerce campaign to help farmers sell walnuts through the Internet, with a total sales of more than 70,000 yuan. We initially set up scholarship programs with the profits, and solved the worries of many poor families.

Secondly, we carry out the long-distance education project, which is now promoted in the Youth Association. We recorded the course in Nanjing and then sent the video to Hope Primary School. The content of the course is not knowledge of each subject, but an introduction to classic inspirational movies and books, and an in-depth interpretation of them. The project is designed not only to make the children in the mountains understand the outside world, but also to sublimate their minds.

The dream is the stone that knocks out fire from the stars; the dream is the fire that lights the extinguished lamp, illuminates the road at night. This series of activities we carry out did not focus on the teaching textbook knowledge, because the worst is not natural disasters, not poverty, but no dreams. Most of the children's expressions have no yearning, no helplessness, but just a blank. So what we bring to them is the first light that illuminates their dreams.

For example, we've finished the promotion of the movie "Wrestling, Dad". At the end of the course, we had a monologue: "Look, the father in the film is as hard as you, but with the persistence the two children finally stand at the top of the world. So you have to believe that whether it is poor or rich, there will be a good tomorrow, as long as you never abandon.", I believe that such a course will be able to light up a light on their way, make a great dream for them and fight for it.

We set up a scholarship scheme to encourage more parents to send their children to school,the parents will give children a chance to realize their dreams even if it is due to their own interests.

As long as everyone gives a little love, the world will become a beautiful place. In addition to the children of Daliang Mountain, there are still many people in the world waiting for our help to discover and realize their dreams. However, the strength of our team is limited, so we need the strength of everyone, if your strength comes together, I believe that even if it can not build skyscrapers, it can at least build the foundation of their dreams.

This is the end of my speech, thank you all.

Gu: Thank Yue Liang for the speech. Yue Liang and his friends walked into the mountains with love, planting the seeds of dreams for every child living in the mountains, helping them one day get out of the mountains and walk towards a wider world.

Yu: There are also loving, selfless people on our beautiful campus, who may not be noticed by everyone, and we even don't know their work, but each of them plays an important role in their respective positions. quietly provide help for our study and life.

Gu: It’s time to show them our gratitude and say “ thanks for our hard work”! let’s welcome the representatives to come to the stage!

Let’s invite student representatives to present flowers and Thanksgiving cards to them and thank them for being with us and helping us grow up!

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Gu: Let us thank them again with applause, thank them for their hard work and sweats for us! Of course, there are other teachers, parents, classmates and so on whom we also need to say “thank you”, with a grateful heart to fill in a grateful card, with sincere words and actions, we will warm the people around us who contribute to us in silence.

Yu: The plan of building a dream, charity sale, Blue Ribbon Action, we are grateful for having you around... Love Month has rich and colorful activities, waiting for every one of you to come.

Gu: Tomorrow is March 5, Learn from Lei Feng Day, we should inherit Lei Feng spirit, love others while learning and living, we will always love, uphold the positive attitude toward life and strive to achieve our dreams!