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On the First Public Welfare Activities of Ming City Wall by Ancient City Wall Culture Club

The sun came out on Sunday, shining on the earth, on the city walls, on the banners of the Ancient City Wall Cultural Club. As an organizer, I was delighted to see that my long-standing activities had finally begun


This activity is through walking around the Ming city wall in the east of Nanjing, about 18 kilometer to exercise and advocate everyone to "protect the city wall, inherit the culture". Each participant brought a garbage bag and picked up garbage along the way, urging all citizens to protect the city walls and protect the surrounding environment. Because the theme was popular with the students, applications to attend was very enthusiastic, consequently, it became an activity with a very large scale, there were nearly 200 students and parents, among who were not only the members of the club, but many non-club students as well.The TV station also came to interview us about the event. A lot of people on the scene didn't know each other, unexpectedly, through this event the students both improved their perseverance and gained friendship, too.

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Never mention you don’t miss it, you return to Jinling in the dream.

Nanjing Ming City Wall, including the Ming Dynasty Palace City, Imperial City, Capital City and Outskirt’s four-layer city walls, now refers to the well-preserved capital (inner city) walls. The Ming City Wall of Nanjing was built in 1366 (Yuan’s Zhizheng 26th year) and was completed in 1393 (Ming’s Hongwu 26th year). It used 280000 migrant workers from 5 provinces, 28 cities and 152 counties across the country,  about 350 million city bricks were used, the building lasted 27 years. The final completion of the Ming Dynasty’s capital’s four-layer walls was patterned.


Our main walking routes are: Zhonghua Gate-Yuhua Gate-Wuding Gate-Guanghua Gate-Biaoying Gate-Zhongshan Gate-Mingling Road Park Road- Front Lake Trail-Biwako Trail-Dragon Neck Roads Slope Path-Zjin Mountain Pedestrian Trestle Road-Taiping Gate-Liberation Gate-Xuanwu Gate-Shence Gate.


The first section is Zhonghua Gate-Wuding Gate-Blue Flag Street. All the registered students and parents gathered to climb the city wall at 13:00 on Jan. 20 at the north gate of Zhonghua Gate. The scene was very lively. Each student's face was full of smiles. We could see that everyone was excited and looked forward to the event. The scene was divided into six teams, a temporary team leader was responsible for check-in, issued different color ribbons tied to the arms of each team member to distinguish, everyone gathered to take pictures, then the team led by the captain started walking along the wall.


Along the city wall eastward, we passed Yuhua Gate, Wuding Gate, to the wall near East Water Gate. Qinhuai River water flows through here, and is divided into two branches, one branch outflows along the wall, turns into moat water, one flows through the Pass into the city and becomes the  ten-li Qinghuai. East Water Gate has no city walls, the former prosperous Tongji Gate and Guanghua Gate are no longer existent, leaving only two bleak relic parks with few people’s concerns. From East Water Gate Relic Park,we got down from the wall and walked along the road to the Blue Flag Street wall. In this section of the city walls, the teams were quite neat, the collection photo-taking was also fine, at this time the gap between the teams was not obvious.

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The second section is Blue Flag Street-Biaoying Gate-Zhongshan Gate-Taiping Gate.From Lanqi Street to Zhongshan Gate section, the wall has been preserved well, the traffic was unimpeded. Located in the east of the city, Zhongshan Gate is the place to welcome the first ray of morning light in Nanjing, so it is also called Chaoyang Gate. If you haven't seen the city's rising sun, at least you could come here to see the first sun ray to welcome the morning of Nanjing. It is said that the casket of Dr. Zhongshan entered Nanjing through this gate. Walking down the city wall from the Zhongshan Gate to the Taiping Gate, and all the way to the Taiping Gate, we picked up the garbage and put it in the garbage bags. We also compared the amount of our garbage with each other. But along the way, there was not much garbage, it seemed that people's awareness of the protection of the city walls was very good!

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The third section was Taiping Gate-Liberation Gate-Xuanwu Gate-Shence Gate. At Taiping Gate, a lot of students could not catch up, some of them got blisters on their feet , some could not walk any farther, but most of the students insisted on moving forward. According to the original plan, we would walk from the Taiping Gate through Longpan Road, then into the Xuanwu Lake Ring Road, along the Lake Ring Road, walk to the Taicheng Study, then climb the wall from there, and walk to the Shence Pass city wall, which was the end of this trip, this section is regarded as the essence of Nanjing Ming City Wall. You can overlook from here, the view Xuanwu Lake, Jiming Temple, Jiuhua Mountain are all included, you can feel Nanjing's mountain, lake, the forest. Unfortunately, when we got to the Taicheng Study, It was 5:10 in the afternoon, the sky gradually darkened, the setting sun was bright and beautiful, but it was almost dusk. The afterglow of the sunset slowly disappeared in the sky, the city wall management office was closed the gate as scheduled, at this time we could no longer be able to climb this section of the city wall, what a pity!

At that point, our steps did not stop, and we continued to advance towards the target in the ring-lake road in accordance with the second plan. I could see that all of us were very happy at the beginning, we were full of energy, walking briskly, laughing, chatting. But 18 kilometers was to test everyone's endurance, so quite some people could not move in the second half. I was so impressed that the legs were beginning to feeling sore, and then they started to hurt, and I sprained my foot again after I had sprained my foot, and it was more painful. However, to my surprise, there was nobody give up halfway. I said at the start of the hiking, I was sure there would be someone quitting.It seemed that I underestimated the willpower of all of us. But for a long period of walking, each person's physical strength had been reduced to a certain extent, at this time the team was gradually separated, forming a lot of smaller teams, which were nearly one kilometer from end to end.

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By the time the students reached the finish line one by one, it was already 6: 40 in the evening, and a few Eagle Squads slowly gathered near the Shence Gate, and most of the students who participated in the event had finished the whole journey and picked up rubbish from the side of the road. Our club has awarded a certificate to each student who insisted on walking the whole course, and acknowledging and cheered the students' insistence and effort!

The lights of the city reflected the Shence Gate, and the students who had come to the end were all filled with emotions. Many students said that this was the longest and most meaningful one hiking they had ever walked in their lives, they felt that they were still unfinished and hoped to continue to participate in such activities in the future, to continue to protect the city wall, inherit the culture!

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