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Announcement about the Young Pioneers’ Winter Vacation

In order to deeply study and implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and Xi Jinping thoughts on Socialism with Chinese characteristics for a New era, we will closely focus on the document requirements of the Nanjing Young Pioneer team Reform Plan and carry out the "Sunflower Plan" in depth, we will guide young pioneers to actively participate in practical activities outside school, learn about the new era, set up ambitious aspirations, foster and practice the core values of socialism, and help the vast number of young pioneers to live a meaningful holiday life happily. Here is the Winter Holiday Young Pioneer activities notice as follows.

I. Carry out traditional cultural activities of "Our Festival"

Chinese excellent traditional culture is the spiritual lifeline of the Chinese nation,it is the deepest cultural soft power, it is also the cultural fertile ground of socialism with Chinese characteristics. During winter holidays, you can focus on the themes of Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, New year's greeting, family reunion, filial piety and love, hand-in-hand love, etc., through "participating in a traditional folk activity, writing a new year's custom and interesting story, and reading a classic masterpiece, helping others by doing a good thing, capturing one of the most beautiful moments”, the "Five One" activities, to feel the unique charm of Chinese traditional festivals, learn and promote the excellent Chinese traditional culture.

II. Carry out ecological practice activities of "Beautiful Nanjing Little Master"

Encourage, under the leadership of counselors and parents, the Young Pioneers to carry out activities of different forms,such as popularization of agricultural science, agricultural experience, loving assistance of others, garbage sorting and recycling, etc.,learn to cherish labor, protect the environment, love our hometown, and carry forward and inherit the traditional virtues of helping the poor to create a social atmosphere that is compatible with high-quality development, that is, everyone, everything, always advocates ecological civilization, cares for the underprivileged groups, and cultivate excellent builders for Chinese Dream, for "strong, prosperous and beautiful" new Nanjing, practice the socialism core values.

III. Activities requirements

1. The Young Hawk Holiday Team is recommended to be composed of 5 to 13 members, no more than 13. Each squadron instructor directs the young eagle holiday team to develop a good winter vacation plan and encourages the young pioneers to actively participate in the theme practice of the winter holidays in the form of a holiday team. At least one activity is selected in the two thematic activities.

2. Each activity is submitted to the "player space" through the "Smart Young Pioneers" APP the activity results, the data of the Eagle Holiday Team (the team name, the team flag, the team song, the counselor and the team members, the activity plan, the search process, the team's feelings about the team's activities, the summary of the activities), and the search-to-visit photos, videos, and so on. The text can be uploaded directly; the photos are uploaded in JPEG format, not more than 6; the video is not more than 3 minutes, and the size is not more than 100MB. The activities need to be attended and completed together by each member of the Eagle Holiday Team.

3. The upload time is from February 1 to February 28. The "Smart Young Pioneers" APP download link is shown as followed, and the operation guide is attached:

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