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New Year,New Start

Host 1: respectable teachers,

Host 2: dear friends,

Together: Happy New Year!


Host 1: a new year starts, everything is renewed. Today we have the first morning meeting of the New Year. In the past 2018, coinciding with the 40th anniversary of Reform and Opening Policy, China has made great achievements. The successful launch of the Chang 'e-4 satellite and the opening of the Hongkong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge all show the power of our country to the world.

In the past 2018, the development of our country is also challenged by various factors both home and abroad. Faced with this situation, we need to gather the strength of the people, carry forward the spirit of innovation and work spirit, so we can overcome difficulties, and achieve success.

Host 1: fulfilled, firm NFLS students, with the grounded attitude, ingenious wisdom, practical action, have walked through an unforgettable 2018. Next, let’s invite Sun Yuhe to talk about how she trained herself in the past year.


Hello, I'm the current Chairman's assistant, Sun Yuhe from Class 4, senior Grade 1. My topic today is the “to practice oneself in the real work”.

What is doing practical work? Bing Xin's preface interprets it as doing real work. What is practical spirit? I think that "no daydreaming, no empty promises, action speaks louder than voice"  in the real practice of the daily learning, work, and life, a person with the spirit of practical work is the one who is hardworking. As middle school students, we should shoulder the responsibility of the times and carry forward the spirit of doing practical work. In my opinion, the essence of the spirit of doing lies not only in the achievement through practice, but also in the valuable experience and in the process of practice.

In the past 2018, I had an extra exam,a graduation, and the entrance exam to senior high... 2018 has become inextricably linked to the several big events in my life, and has become one of the most profound memories. In September of this year, I returned to the campus and made a bold step to run for the Students’ Union. It's hard and happy to go all the way, and I've been tired due to the busy study life, but it's a lot of fun that I've got involved in a lot of real work. It is no doubt that doing practical work was an indispensable pillar in the past year for me, and it supported me to challenge a brand-new task, to go to a strange field, and to meet a group of friends with dreams and having practical spirit. I'm getting more and more aware of the importance of doing real work.

First, hone yourself in practice to be better qualified for your position. 

In a blink of eye, the term is coming to its end, and members of the Students’ Union in 2018-19 school year have been in office for nearly a semester. In the past few months, the departments of the Students’ Union have completed a series of improvements and innovations in the management of the campus with the enthusiasm of serving the students. At the weekly meeting, the Study Minister's meeting took notes of the goals we had accomplished one by one, no matter big or small during this semester. With the assistance of the two chairmen and the assistants, the canteen rectification policy initiated by the Ministry of Life and Discipline Inspection effectively reduced the phenomenon of queue jumping and provided convenience for senior 3rd graders. A series of sports events, such as the King's Cup organized by the Sports Ministry, have added fun to the campus life for the students, and the club recruitment and salon activities arranged by the Foreign Liaison Department have provided a platform for the various styles of clubs to display themselves; The series of activities of Art Festival, which was planned by the Art Ministry, made many students who loved art glitter. The surroundings of the evening party designed by the Ministry of Propaganda and Life became one of the highlights of the light gala. All this was based on the love and responsibility of every member of the Students’ Union, and this long love is based on a down-to-earth work and work spirit.

Second, hone yourself in doing practical work and discover new problems then constantly improve yourself.

The process of doing the real work is also the process of constantly finding new problems and finding solutions, taking the Students’ Union work as an example. In the course of implementing the canteen management scheme, we found that the senior Grade 3 windows were often occupied by non senior 3rd graders in the queue, which made the senior 3rd graders who were already late due to the busy study in the morning unable to have lunch in time after the end of the busy morning's course. After the problem was found by the Minister of Life, the problem was submitted to the Food Management Office in time,the QQ public number of the NFLS STU immediately responded, and the call to all the students was made, and the problem was effectively solved. Be concerned about the small things happening around us and finding a better solution can be done with the practical spirit, and what’s more valuable practical spirit can also make us more sensitive and more meticulous. There are many such examples around us. Remember a few days ago, it was the U. S. debate season, during the lunch break every day, in many places on campus, we could see two pairs of partners were having the simulation debate. My partner and I often met to discuss ideas. By listening and practicing, we have found the gaps in our manuscripts, and we have learned a lot of powerful arguments, which, I think, is the process of training ourselves, discovering new problems, and constantly improving ourselves.

Finally, hone oneself in real practice can promote the improvement of our academic level.

Learning is inseparable from practical work. Learning is not only limited to the mastery of knowledge, but also a kind of courage to use knowledge. I'd like to talk about my own experience. In early December last year, I followed the team to the Model United Nations Conference in Beijing Foreign Studies University. It was the first time to take part in a meeting dominated by college students, nervousness was inevitable . But the more I was nervous, the more I urged myself to do academic preparation. After reading countless documents and sorting out a thick stack of materials into the meeting, I felt that I was not as empty as I had imagined. Instead, there was confidence and courage agitated in my heart. Three days later the results did surprise me, but what made me felt more was the three-day process. I have benefited from the written paper, a series of consultations, a series of motions, the friendship has been renewed or strengthened.

To sum up, the hard work will not betray us, the experience gained in the practice is extremely valuable. In the new 2019, let us jointly carry forward the spirit of practical work, to be someone who "wants to make achievements, who "dares to make achievements", who is"happy to make achievements", to be Chinese teenagers in a new era! This is the end of my speech. Thank you all!

Host 2: thank you, Sun Yuhe for your speech.

It is true that each of us must hone ourselves in practice to perfect ourselves and to climb higher. Sun Yuhe not only performed well in school, but also achieved excellent results in off-campus competitions. Sun Yuhe won the Distinguished Delegate Award at the Beijing Foreign Studies University’s Model United Nations General Assembly. Such excellent student must be strict with herself all the time.

Host 1: At the end of 2018, there has been good news about our senior 3rd graders’ plan of going abroad, reporting, submitting and other aspects. For them, how should 2019 be spent? Let's ask the president of the last Students’ Union, Wang ran, who has been admitted to Yale University, to talk about his thoughts on the new year.


Dear teachers and friends: good morning!

I'm Wang ran from Class 1, senior Grade 3. It is a great honor to be here as the student representative of the first morning meeting in 2019. I wish you all every success in your study and make progress in the new year!

A new year, a new beginning, I saw in the we-chat my good friends had set the New year's flags. Those top students announced that they would read 40 books in a year (of course, there may even be better top students); procrastinators made up their minds to say goodbye to procrastination; And a lot of senior 3rd graders were more practical: "we want to be admitted by a college, any college will do", it is called: enter an ideal university.

Ideal is beautiful, but the reality is cruel. Time planning is well organized, the actual implementation is often frustrated. Achieve a small New year's goal is by no means an easy task.

At the time of the founding of the People's Republic of China’s 70th anniversary, the people of the whole country are working hard towards the goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way by 2020. In the crucial period to achieve this vision, the spirit of "empty talk do no good to the country’s development, Doing real work will make the country prosperous" has become even more valuable. In this year's New year's greeting, General Secretary Xi left a golden sentence, "no daydreaming, no empty promises."

The spirit of doing practical work has been around us all the time. Guan Yan’an, a fitter working for Hongkong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge,though just having a junior high school education, he was the first person who managed to do the seamless underwater immersed tunnel all by his self-study. Ning Yunzhan, a high-speed rail grinder,becomes the "ancestor" worker engaging in high-speed train bogie "positioning arm" grinding, and the operating instruments were fitted with 644 high speed EMU units. Nan Rendong, the "giant of the celestial eye", visited the site for ten years to locate the “sky eye,as the chief scientist, he participated in every aspect of the design. Although he died of illness, he left his name in space. The craftsmen of our great country, with their working spirit, created a better life, promoted social development, and realized a common dream. They are the loveliest people of the new age and are always worth learning from.

Of course, the “doing real work” is not limited to the dedication of the craftsmen of our great country. It means to do things with genuine earnest.

As president of the Students’ Union last school year, my partner and I put forward the idea of the student Congress during the campaign and made our promise during our term. We started planning the schedule ahead of time for the general meeting. We visited all grades; publicized through public numbers, posters, etc.; collected and organized students' proposals. Everything went in order. After that, the students’ union departments work together to understand the campus management system, to communicated with the relevant departments on the proposal to seek solutions. Because we had been negligent about the schedule of the school management, we had a lot of trouble in controlling the time, but all departments were still doing everything they could to improve their share of work they were responsible for. Although the process had some twists and turns, the departments completed the task with an down-to-earth attitude, all these made the students’ Congress to be held smoothly.

In the campus, there is by no means just one example of doing actual work. As a student cadre, doing something for the class,making contributions to the grade are practical work; as a student,studying hard, constantly making progress, climbing the top of the academic work bravely; running every morning, doing exercise, these are also practical work. It's not about the size of what you do, it's about being realistic and grounded, and doing every little thing well.

Let us run together with our efforts, we are all dream seekers.

Thank you all!

Host 2: Thank you, Wang Ran for your speech. We heard the word "doing actual work" again in his speech. As the president of the Students’ Union, Wang Ran is diligent in everything, and his down-to-earth attitude vividly explains what is "the spirit of doing practical work". We need the same spirit in our daily study and life to do everything we should do. At the same time, we should be not only the giant of thoughts, but also the giant of actions.

Host 1: 2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and the key year of building a well-off society in an all-round way.All work has a long way to go, and the new year is destined to be an extraordinary one."the waves in the middle of the river are more urgent, and the road of the middle of the mountain is steeper." Our task is more arduous and the challenge is more severe.But difficulties and challenges have never been an excuse for halting reform and opening up.

Host 2: A hundred years ago, young students showed their responsibility and duty for the future and destiny of our country during the patriotic May 4th Movement.100 years later, we should combine our individual dreams with the realization of Chinese Dream and put the spirit of doing practical work into action. Study hard,practice positively, never be afraid of difficulties and forge ahead.

Host 1: We hope that in the new year, we will all have a more ambitious attitude, down-to-earth attitude, make efforts to run, start pursuing a new dream journey.

This is the end of the morning meeting, thank you all!