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The New Year’s Gala Was Great Fun

The annual New year's gala came as expected! This year, for the sake of environmental protection, we gave up the traditional bonfire plan as we had in the previous years. Although everyone was frozen like a ice stick, the enthusiasm for welcoming the New Year was unprecedented! Using the snow-making machine to welcome the New Year made the NFLS campus more poetic and picturesque!


In addition to the traditional rabbit dance,the rich and exciting performances set off a wave of climax, under the guidance of Director Yin Herong and the secretary Wang Shaolin, the members of the Student Union designed a unique treasure hunt and lottery. The theme of this year's Art Festival is "Impression Jinling", so the design was divided into six small cubes, a total of 250, scattered in every corner of the campus. Each small square emblazoned with one of the dynasties (Wu, East Jin, Song, Qi, Liang, Chen) of the six dynasties. In addition, the winners who participated in the calligraphy club's writing activities of writing “Fu” at the scene and the Guofeng club & Literary club's riddle guessing activities would be awarded a special prize which was the treasures of a certain dynasty. If the treasures of the six dynasties were all collected, they would get a big gift!

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Before the performances, the students who volunteered to participate in the lottery draw lots wrote their class and their name on the pad. After the gala began, Principal Zou Zheng, Secretary Liu Qianshu, the Vice Principal Zhou Ye, Secretary Lu Yan, and the vice Principal Li Xifan drew lots to select the lucky ones of the evening, and the list of the winners was announced on the spot. In addition, around the sales near the electronic screen, NFLS sweaters, pen bag, the key ring, the hand ring and the like were sold out in an hour. The students who managed to buy what they wanted were full of satisfaction and happiness, and those who didn’t were full of envy.


The colorful welcoming New Year’s party was not only a reluctant farewell to 2018, but also our blessing and hope for 2019. In the New Year, we wish everything goes well with all the teachers and the students, wish all your dreams come true! A Happy New Year to you all!

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