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To Love My Teeth, Start with Me

At 4: 00 p.m. on December 25, 2018, the academic activities by the NFLS Love Tooth Club were carried out smoothly in Class 6, junior Grade 1 of Nanjing Foreign Language School. Dr. Jiang Qian, affiliated Stomatology Hospital of Nanjing University Medical College, gave a lively and interesting lecture on common science -- “Tips about Decayed Teeth. Founded by Wu Litong, the NFLS Tooth Love Club regularly invites orthodontics doctors from the Stomatology Hospital affiliated to Nanjing University Medical College to give professional talks aimed at cultivating students' awareness of tooth care especially from an early age.



In this lecture, Dr. Jiang Qian made an introduction to the worm tooth step by step, from easy to difficult.The scientific name for worm tooth is caries. The four main factors of the disease are: time, teeth, food, bacteria, so the teeth are not brushed clean enough, plaque accumulation is the key cause of the worm tooth. Dr. Jiang showed the whole process of filling teeth by video. When the decayed tooth is superficial, the tooth does not hurt when it is being filled. But when the decayed tooth is so serious that it enters into the nerve, it will hurt, so it needs to be drilled into the structure of the tooth to remove the germs. Therefore, it is important to brush your teeth three times a day for three minutes. Finally, Dr. Jiang Qian also asked students to write the word "caries" on the blackboard.



The whole lecture was amusing, lively and funny, and the students laughed a lot. At NFLS Love Tooth Club, we not only learn how to protect our teeth, but also promote the friendship among our classmates. We are already looking forward to the next event.