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Our Clubs Made Good Achievement in Nanjing 2nd Exhibition and Evaluation of the Excellent Middle School Students' Clubs

On the afternoon of December 23, 2018, Nanjing 2nd Exhibition and Evaluation of the Excellent Middle School Students’ Clubs was held at the High School Affiliated to Nanjing Normal University. The event was organized by the Middle School Education Office,Nanjing City Education Bureau and was examined and approved at the municipal level. 45 clubs were selected to be evaluated as excellent clubs of middle school students in Nanjing. Under the leadership of Secretary Lv Yan, the hand-painting club and the chemical life club of our school performed well in the six-minute community achievement report and the two-minute judges' question session. Both of them won the title of "Nanjing City Top Ten organizations (Senior High School Group)".


( Secretary Lv Yan and Direcgtor Yin Herong took a photo with the students)


( the head of hand-painting club, Cao Xinyu and the head of chemical life club, Fan Zixuan are the 6th and 7th on the left)


( the top 10 organization trophies and certificates) 


(Xia Ziqing, Cao Xinyu, Zhou Jinglin from hand-painting club)

In the course of the argument, Cao Xinyu, Xia Ziqing, Zhou Jinglin of the NFLS hand-painting club, through the guidance of Mr. Cao Qihai and Ms. Zhao Jingjing, gave a detailed introduction to the carefully prepared PPT, the display video of achievements, club magazine and other materials. The Introduction was revolved around the theme of "hand-paint the life", the judges were unanimously appreciated it.


( Xia Ziqing, Zhou Jingllin of the hand-painting club)


(Yang Jingyi, Fan Zixuan, Yang Yanxuan from the chemical life club)



Fan Zixuan, Yang Lunxuan, Hui Chenyuan, Yang Jingyi, students of Chemical Life club of our school, introduced the process and results of the community activities in the argument stage, which reflected the spirit of exploring from the small thing in life and the spirit of pursuing truth. The judges' teachers were deeply impressed.


( Fan Zixuan, Hui Chenyuan from chemical life club)

After the results came out, all the students in our school were proud of their efforts. Fan Zixuan, president of Chemical Life Club, said: "in the process of preparing and carrying out the report, we have made sufficient preparations, from the PPT to the demonstration samples, to the trial presentation to Teacher Chen Yi. Finally, under the guidance of Teacher Chen Yi, we revised the contents of the report. This series of preparatory work before the evaluation has enriched our understanding of chemistry and community work, thus made us finally receive this honor. " Cao Xinyu, head of the hand-painting society, complimented: "the process of working together and striving for the same goal is full of joy and happiness. "

The evaluation provided middle school students with a stage of self-demonstration and self-discovery, and we believe that all the students participating in the evaluation have gained knowledge and self-confidence after their efforts.