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Jinling Impression -- the Opening of NFLS 33rd Art Festival


Host A: "in the southern part of the Yangtze River, locates the state of the Emperor of Jinling." Cao Xueqin, a literary magnate, wrote Dreams of the Red Mansion which belongs to Jinling. Xu Beihong waved his brush here and left behind his masterpieces.

Host B: Jinling has been prosperous since ancient times, so many dynasties, so many historical chapters inlaid in this piece of land of Jinling.

A: Jinling, Nanjing, an ancient but vigorous city. History and modern intersects here.

B: The theme of this art festival is "Jinling Impression". During the festival, in the vocal music, instruments, dance competitions, there will be your postures, in calligraphy, handmade competition there will be your creativity and imagination,with a rich artistic expression, we will express Nanjing impression and love. Let's listen to how Gu Chuyu from Class 12, junior Grade 2 her understanding about this theme.

II: the students’ representative’s speech


“The soldiers prepare wine and receive the guests home, playing Huqin, the pipa and the Qiang flute”. Hello, everyone. I am Gu Chuyu from Class 12, junior Grade 12. I am also a member of Chinese Folk Music Club. In next two minutes, I want to talk to you about my story with art.

I was born in a family in which three generations all learn Huqin, and when I was three years old, I began to contact Erhu. During these ten- year companion of traditional music, I have become more and more close to my Erhu, the big guy who used to be much taller than me, now has become my indispensable friend, a close friend who communicates with me by notes.

Last year, I stepped into NFLS as a freshman. As the art festival approached, when I learned that the NFLS Good Voice Music Insturment Group had signed up for the competition, my love of music led my hand to sign my name on the application form. So on the day of the game, I took the instrument and strode into the classroom. The repertoire I performed was "Ripe Grapes", a Uygur dance song with a traditional Xinjiang style. I felt a little excited about participating in the competition and my understanding of the contents of the song came from my heart. I won the highest prize by deducing the joy of singing and dancing in the ripening season with my fingers walking between the strings.

It was in this event that I met Ms. Wang Chaoying, a judge at that time. She invited me to join the club as a teacher of the National Folk Music Club, and her love of traditional music led me to choose again. I nodded without hesitation. After that, I attended the rehearsals of the National Music Club on time every day and became the youngest of them. Five words could describe it accurately, "meeting new friends by music". My first collaboration with everyone was Horse Racing. It was short, but the technique and the more intense rhythm were difficult to control. In collaboration with my peers over and over again, I have gained friendship; from the correction of the position over and over again, I learned the confidence; and from the battling against the wrong tones day after day, I understood the melody. Four people, four instruments, one piece of music, how powerful it is to measure it from a musical angle.

During this period of time, I was rehearsing the familiar classical pieces from "Dreams of the Red Mansion". When Erhu sounds combined with other traditional instruments, it matched each other and fell on the land of Nanjing City. I seemed to see notes stringing up the millennium history of Jinling ancient city, hear the notes telling the rises and falls of Jinling ancient city alternately. At this point, I found that a simple Erhu instrument has brought me so much than I had imagined. In this school, in this piece of land, we use traditional music, deduce the most beautiful impression Jinling.

I sincerely hope that in this art festival, everyone can find your own world! Thank you all!

Host A: Thank Gu Chuyu for her speech. Yes, I hope the everyone can find your own world in this art festival.

III. the teachers’ representative’s speech


China has been a very tolerant country since ancient times. when our friends come visit us from afar, we receive them as host.We learn good skills from teachers, we have been taking initiative to learn excellent sides of foreign countries. We are Chinese descendants, we are descendants of the dragon, our motherland is a state of ceremonies, our students are proud of having "a Chinese soul".

Perhaps, one day in the near future, you will go to a more developed place to study, as a learner, you are modest, cautious, you work hard, fight hard, but, this does not mean that you can only imitate and worship. dear students, have you ever thought, you are not only a learner, but also a cultural "communicator". The identity of communicator will make you gain more equality than humility.

So, how do we base ourselves on today and become a real Chinese cultural communicator?

Many great nations in the world have an elegant and exquisite performing art that profoundly expresses the spirit and aspirations of their own nation. The Greeks have tragedies, the Italians have operas, the Russians have ballet, and the British have Shakespeare plays. These elegant form of music are often the source of their national pride and confidence.

Speaking of this, what is the elegant music of our Chinese people? Young as you are, do you know about our Chinese traditional art, do you know what these ancient traditional art form has experienced what kind of transformation to precipitate our national aesthetic? How do you, who are active on the stage of the festival, interpret the protection and loyalty of beauty as a nation's inheritor?

Nanjing, the ancient capital of the six dynasties, has the reputation of "world literature pivot". As a city, it is 2600 years old and 500 years old as a capital. The time of hundreds of years has been solidified on the brick of the ancient wall of Jinling, flowing in the streets and alleys of Nanjing, wandering in the leaves of sycamore trees from green to yellow. Nanjing, there are too many things worthy of our praise, there’s too much for us to commemorate. History is the endless dialogue between the past and the future, dear students, let us ride the boat of the art festival, to trace the course of Chinese traditional art, to look back on Jinling's prosperous style and appearance, to trace back to a nation's dream of beauty,to embrace Nanjing a better tomorrow.

Host B: Thank Teacher Wang for the wonderful speech,A, do you know what Chinese elegant music is?

Host A: it is Kunqu Opera, which has a history of 600 years, it is called the ancestor of hundred operas.

Host B: Yes, UNESCO selected the first representatives of the oral intangible heritage of mankind around the world. Kunqu Opera from China was elected. Do you know what the intangible cultural heritage of Nanjing is? White Bureau, brocade, cashmere, Qinhuai lanterns, rain stones, there are too many of them.

A: Next, please enjoy the wonderful performance by Ge Zhaolun,from junior Grade 1, Gu Chu-yu, junior Grade 2, Zhao Wenqing, Wang Chenkun, Niu Yueheng, all from senior Grade 2, these five students will play us the Horse Race, which will begin our Art Festival.

Together: Art Festival, here we are!


IV: Drum and Huqi “ Horse Racing”

Chinese drum xx x-~ leather is drum,hit hard, can be heard five hundred li away, drum solo... As early as ancient times, drums played an irreplaceable role in wars against foreign countries in history, it also fully shows the Chinese spirit.

Huqin, give xx x- one rhythm. The traditional musical instruments of the nomadic people in northern China, preparing wine in tent to receive the guests, Huqin, Pipa and Qiangdi flute.

Now, the time goes back to today, the years have turned everything into legends, let us listen to the cooperation of drum and Erhu!

end, the hosts come to the stage:

A: A minute on the stage takes ten years’ practice! Thank the performers’ wonderful playing!

B: From this week, all grades’ shows will be held one after another. Next Monday afternoon, we will hold a whole school art show at the Great Hall of the People. On the afternoon of the 28th, we will launch a class party and a New Year Party to welcome the New Year, so that we can be influenced by Chinese traditional culture and art,understand the history, enjoy the art, enjoy the life, develop the imagination, deduce the impression Jinling that belongs to us!

A: This is the end of today’s morning meeting, thank you all!