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Experiencing Sudoku Regardless of the Cold ---- The Activity Report of Class 10, Junior Grade 1‘s Sudoku Club

On December 7th, snow began drifting in Nanjing finally , and our Sudoku Club carried out the first activity, how excited we were!


As the minister, it is natural for me to do some preparatory work. I got eight Sudoku with medium-difficulty, divided them into four sets of questions and got ready to test everyone's level.We had five tables gathered as well.

The activity finally began, during the first 15 minutes, everyone racked their brains, silently doing the subject, their absorption was very lovely. Teacher Wu walked back and forth, from time to time he quietly instructed the students who failed to do it.


Later, I arranged the students who did the same Sudoku to sit down at a table and the atmosphere came alive gradually. Everyone expressed their own views, various ways of thinking collided with each other. Filling in here and there, sometimes the two people had different ideas. Therefore, they were trying to convince each other, but of course, there was only one solution,through discussion and thinking, they finally determined the answer, there was still team work. Mr. Wu was sometimes involved in the discussion and solving problems,he was very responsible. Finally, all four groups completed the task and the activity was successfully completed.

4 5  
6 7  

However, I also found some problems. For example, because it was a random test, some group members were of high level, active, and had a good atmosphere; some group members were slightly weaker and more introverted, and did not achieve the desired results. One more example, some groups were divided do different Sudoku individually, they did not communicate, and finally they directly copied the answer, this was much less fun and missed the opportunity of improvement, it was not what I had expected. In short, the activities as a whole was just fine, but there was room for improvement.


Through this Sudoku activity, I learned that organizing activities was not easy. In the discussion with the teachers and the classmates, I found that everyone was a concealed master, I really realized that there were more capable people somewhere. This activity has benefited me a lot, I will hold more activities, I hope the Sudoku Club will be better and better!

Chen Yunzhu from Class 10, junior Grade 1