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Write a Poem for You --- the Reflection on the 2nd Visit by Ancient City Wall Club

The Ming City Wall, the longest city wall in the world, has an impassable record with the length of 25 kilometers. On October 21, we once again boarded it to learn more about its history.


I want to write a poem for it,  to praise it for tens of miles, for its boundless magnificence. Zhu Yuanzhang did not think when he built the wall, what a magnificent building he left behind for us. When we climbed the city wall, we could still feel the momentum from inside and outside. In a pavilion, the total length of a world-famous city wall was displayed, and I was surprised to find that the total length of the second largest city wall was about the same as the existing length of the Ming city wall. And this existing wall, was just 2/3 of its original length.

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I want to write a poem for it, how I sighed about its exquisite design. Knowing the use of various parts of the wall, I felt its designers' good intentions,gates with 1000 pounds each, urn cities,caves for hiding soldiers, all of which were the crystallization of the wisdom created by the workers' hands after day and night of reflection by the designers. This designer, designed the shape of the wall, even the city with ingeniousness. It was connected Beidou and Nandou. In order to highlight the status of the imperial city, the designer designed the imperial city in the spoon of Beidou, while the commercial district was in the middle of the Nandou, then in other places,some barracks were added, all the details had been taken into account, a large basket of pre-selected drawings must have been drawn.


I want to write a poem for it to understand the vicissitudes of its history. Touching the blocks of bricks, which record the changes of history on the marks, those visible words, write its experience of the honed, 600 years, the wall stands still in order to leave some marks for future generations. Buildings are fragile, like a piece of paper, letting people to paint or even tear into pieces, how many buildings have been destroyed by war, they are just drops of water in the long river of history, but the wall of the Ming Dynasty remains, and it has become a monument to the world, only because it never yielded.Ming wall, your heavy gates, engraved stone bricks, ingenious urn city, make everyone admire, make me pay attention and praise.


Ming city wall, I will write a poem for you to express my inner respect for you, may you endure forever, day and night.