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Reading the Classics and Inheriting the Spirit of the Times

 The second Jingjing Cup was jointly sponsored by the Jiangsu Teenage Work Committee, China Telecom Jiangsu Company, Scholastic Federation of Jiangsu, China Telecom Intelligence Family Operation Center and Jiangsu Education Channel. The contest, which started in September, attracted more than 5000 contestants from more than 500 schools across the province. After audition, municipal preliminary, HDTV Resurrection and other links, a total of 100 best contestants entered the provincial finals. In each contest group, there are 4 first prize, 8 second prize and 13 third prize.

 A total of 32 students from our school took part in the preliminary competition, and finally 6 students entered the final. On December 9, more than 100 primary and middle school players from all over the province had a big fight in the finals. From 07:30 in the morning, contestants and parents stepped into the waiting area, All was treated with great care,from initial makeup to every careful word. Steady steps, confident smiles, they looked attractive and generous in the spotlight, the thick or soft voices spoke of the passions and dreams of the young people of the new age!

 After fierce competition, the contestants of our school obtained outstanding results with outstanding performance: Zhao Shiyu from Class 9,junior Grade 1 and Li Meihui from Class 9, junior Grade 2 stood out in the provincial recitation elite. By their language charm the judges were moved, both of them won the first prize! Yan Qinwen from Class 7, junior Grade 2, Gui Zheming from Class 9, junior Grade 2 and Pan Yi from Class 7, senior Grade 1 struggled hard, and finally won the second prize! Lin Zijun from Class 9, junior Grade 1 did the recitation with illness, although it was the third prize, she showed us the best version of herself with tenacious will!

 In the afternoon, “Jingjing Cup”the second Jiangsu Primary and Middle School students Reading Contest Final Award Ceremony and 2018 provincial primary and secondary school students reading exhibition activities were held. The contestants and parents at the scene enjoyed the stunning poetry recitation, elegant songs and dances, the power of classics and the spirit of the times ran through every part. The Knowledge-based Competition and the Jingjing Cup Award ceremony have pushed the atmosphere to a highlight!


 The snow drifted gently in the dim night, and every contestant and parent walking out of the arena had a smile on their faces! In this cold winter day, it was the passion of reading that had brought unlimited warmth! Congratulations to the outstanding players from NFLS!

 Pass the new era on, reciting accompanies us forever!

 Correspondents: Pan Yi,members of the School League Committee,Class7,senior Grade1


Li Meihui


Zhao Shiyu


Gui Zheming


Pan Yi


Yan Qinwen


Lin Zijun 


 a photo of all the awarded players