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AIDS Prevention and Our Health

AIDS, as one of the major global health problems, has caused more than 3500 people’s death up to now. In 2017, 940,000 people died of the diseases related to HIV. According to the report published by United Nations Children’s Fund on November 29, about 3000,000 young people and children carry the virus all over world.

Executive Director of United Nations Children’s Fund, Henrietta Fore said, “The prevention of AIDS from mother to fetus transmission has been more effective, but far from enough. To treat and prevent the virus from spreading among the older children has not been good, as it should be.” NFLS organized the popularization of the knowledge of AIDS around World AIDS Day with the participation of student associations.


The student associations promoting the publicity of AIDS Prevention


Members of Doctor Clown Club


AIDS Prevention in classes

On November 30, members of NFLS Doctor Clown Club in the white coats distributed the booklets and red ribbons and shared knowledge related to the prevention of AIDS with the students. The two exhibition boards with eye-catching theme attracted the students to stop and watch. They even walked into classrooms with the materials for the benefit of more students.

The lecture on The Prevention and Control of AIDS among Middle School Students

On the afternoon of December 3, teachers and students of Senior Grade 1 attended the lecture of Health Education on Campus: The Prevention and Control of AIDS among Middle School Students held by our school in the report hall on the 4th floor. 


Huan Xiping, Director of Jiangsu Disease Control Center and STD Prevention and Treatment Institute, Deputy Director of Jiangsu Preventive Medicine Association AIDS Commission, Expert of China Disease Control Center and STD and AIDS Control Center Expert Database, introduced about sex, explained the process of pregnancy, and took real cases to illustrate how boys and girls should prevent sexual assault and protect themselves.


Miss Huan Xiping spent a lot of time on the history and development of AIDS, its harm, mode of transmission , how to effectively prevent it and tips for those who have been infected.

The event this time not only helped the students to know more about the knowledge of AIDS, but also enabled them to understand that as the backbone of future society, they should be more aware of protecting themselves; meanwhile they should actively take part in the prevention of the disease and the elimination of discrimination.