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NFLS Won the 3rd Championship in a Row in the National Defense Competition

NFLS has always valued National Defense Education by training our students to be modern people with a Chinese soul and love for our country. As a school that had participated in the competition and won the championship of 2016 and 2017, we took the competition this year seriously and actively prepared for it. After a thorough publicity among Senior Grade 1 students and the official selection, finally we had 5 students with great comprehensive ability and formed the school team, including Wang Jiazhen, Pang Likunpeng, Wang Yifan, Chen Ruowei and Qian Wenxian. With the instruction of teacher Zhu Yue of Student Affairs Office and teacher Gu Le of the School Clinic, they were engaged in the training before the competition.

The National Defense Competition covers a variety of items that are quite meaningful, for instance,Book of National Defense for High School, current politics, live-fire exercise, first aid, red songs, cosplay of counter strike, fire drill and Orienteering, aiming to promote the popularization of national defense education in campus and enhance the awareness of national defense and security among middle school students.

As soon as our students arrived at the training camp, they showed excellent military quality in formation training, discipline and camp and field training.

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On the evening of December 1, they had a 30-minute written test with a full mark 500 points. NFLS got the 2nd place among the 16 schools with 474 points, which was 2 points less than the 1st place and 60 points more than the 3rd place.


On December 2, NFLS team kept standing out in the skill competition by their excellent performance in formation exercise, map using, 100-meter off-road race, cosplay of counter strike, fire drill, first aid and live-fire exercise and finally got the1st place with the most mark.

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The most important knowledge competition began at 14:00. NFLS sent Wang Jiazen, Wan Yifan and Chen Ruowei for it.

The 3 students displayed their ability and accumulation of military knowledge and eventually won the championship with absolute better performance, which was our 3rd time in a row.


During the 2-day long National Defense Competition for High School Students, NFLS team exhibited the charm of our students and got the 1st Prize, Excellent Instructor Prize and the Grand Prize for Military Training Mini-video.