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Cross Talk in NFLS

Around noontime on November 27, NFLS Cross Talk and Short Sketch Club organized its first activity, in which the famous cross talk actors Lin Hai and Yu Qian from Nanjing Happy Teahouse gave a lecture and a performance on the terrace classroom on the 3rd floor. Over 30 members of the club were present.


The two actors were wearing purple long gowns, one tall, the other short, one leading the talk, the other helping. Their funny words, exaggerated expressions and well-organized story won a lot of laughter and applause from the audience. The lecturers and the students were both very attentive and before they knew 40 minutes had already passed and the ringing bell reminded them that it was time to leave.

The lecturers introduced the history of cross talk, its different schools and knowledge about jargons and smooth talk at one go, etc with the help their performance as entertainment. The students understood more about the history as to carry forward the traditional culture; they got to know the tough life of the cross talk comedians in the old society; they were inspired by the art of language and received happiness and they had a profounder understanding about the traditional Chinese culture and art.


After the event, the lecturers said, “in Nanjing cross talk associations are usually founded in universities instead of middle schools. NFLS is very special to have a cross talk and short sketch club. Hopefully it will be popular and last a long time so as to play an important part in spreading traditional Chinese culture.”


Many members of the club thought that the event was very successful. They had a better understanding about cross talk. For most of them, it was the first time to watch the live performance. They found it very interesting and hoped that their first original talk show could come into being as soon as possible to be on the stage of NFLS Art Festival and display the wisdom and humor of our students.