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An Encouraging Story in a Great Lecture: the Ups and Downs of Rock Records


We attended NFLS alumnus Ju Qi’s lecture about Rock Records, the longest record company of China in the report hall around noon on November 30.

Ju Qi graduated from NFLS Xianlin Campus and was recommended for admission to English Department of Nankai University in 2006. In the same year he founded a band called Krypton. In 2015 he participated in the singer-songwriters competition and won the championship and best composition for his original songs A Stone and Summer Evening Wind.

In this lecture, Ju Qi talked about the 40 years of Rock Records, from 1980 when the two brothers Duan Zhongyi and Duan Zhongtan established it as a niche record company, to later when they actively expanded oversea market and founded several branch companies in different countries of Asia and began to expand in the mainland. In this period of time, Rock Records discovered and signed up many well-known singers, including Pan Yueyun, Luo Dayou and Zhou Huajian. However, they spent too much money on discovering and developing singers and got into trouble after the economic crisis in 1988. Then with the joint effort of the company and the singers like Zhou Huajian, eventually they managed to revive and created glory again.

As the signing singer of Rock Records, Ju Qi said that you need to work very hard with the company, “because”, he said with a smile, “ every day you will be bombarded by all the advisers. Sometimes you have to stay in the studio working for 8 to 9 hours, sometimes even 20 hours a day.” But he thought it was worth it. “I did all this to create songs that people like. In the future, I will keep trying to write songs, the good songs for the people.”

In middle of the lecture, Ju Qi played several rock songs and met up with his former teachers. The report hall was filled with happiness, warmth and applause. He hoped that we should stick to what we like, and believed that we “would make achievement in our own field one day.”

By Chen Guanyu from Class 1 Junior Grade 3