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The The List of Winners of the "Eight Manners and Four Rites" Poster Competition in 2018 NFLS

In order to further enhance students' understanding of the "Eight Manners and Four rites", educate and guide the students to strengthen their civilized and ceremonial qualities, create an atmosphere for learning, practice the "Eight Manners and Four Rites", carry forward the outstanding Chinese traditional culture, the school’s Students’ Management Office,and school League Committee,the Young Pioneers Department and the Art Section recently launched the 2018 Nanjing Foreign Language School "Eight Manners & Four Rites" poster creation contest. The works are classified according to the specific contents, and the first, second and third prize are evaluated by the judges. Now the winners list of the "Eight Manners and Four Rites" poster creation competition is listed as follows:

First prize:  Class 2, junior Grade 1  Zhang Yining

              Class 4, junior Grade 1  Zhao Yi Chun,

           Class 5, junior Grade 1  Liu Lexian

                Class 6, junior Grade 1   Ma Tong Chang,

             Class 7, junior Grade 1  Zhang Yiyang

           Class 7, junior Grade 1  Zhou Wenbo,

         Class 8, junior Grade 1  Xu Ziyuan

        Class 9, junior Grade 1   Huang Yu

          Class 9, junior Grade 1  Ming Suyan

     Class 4, junior Grade 2  Zhang Youyou

  Class 12, junior Grade 2  Li Xinyi

   Class 12, junior Grade 2  Huang Hao

Class 12, junior Grade 2  Xu Han

            Class 10, junior Grade 2   Gu Zihe, Gu Xueming, Han Yuexin

Class 6, junior Grade 3   Li Zhiwei

 Class 7, junior Grade 3   Du Qianxun

           Class 10, junior Grade 3   Ban Baihe, Tang Yuxin, Shi Caijun

Class 3, senior Grade 1  Xu Xiaobai

Class 4, senior Grade 1   Zhu Yanfan

  Class 4, senior Grade 1   Yang Shicheng

Class 5, senior Grade 1   Wang Shiyue

Class 5, senior Grade 1   Wang Leyao

Class 5, senior Grade 1   Li Ruoyu

Class 5, senior Grade 1   Chen Yitong

Class 7,senior Grade 1    Cang Yixuan

          Class 7, senior Grade 1    Li Yizhang, Shi Coshan

 Class 8, senior Grade 1   Tan Jiarui

Class 3, senior Grade 2     Zhang Weijia

Class 7, senior Grade 2      Han Bingyi

second prize: Class 5, junior Grade 1  Deng Qingjing

Class 5, junior Grade 1  Zhong Liuxiu,

Class 7, junior Grade 1  Wang Shaolin

Class 8, junior Grade 1  Xiao Boyu

Class 8, junior Grade 1  Liu Qinyan

Class 9, junior Grade 1  Yan Yuxin

 Class 12, junior Grade 1 Tao Yanrong

Class 4,junior Grade 2     Ge Yixuan

 Class 2, junior Grade 2   Jiang Yuruo, Chen Qixuan

 Class 2, senior Grade 1   Feng Jiayin, Xie Linrong

Class 3, senior Grade 1     Qi Kexin,

Class 3, senior Grade 1     Wang Xue’er

        Class 4, senior Grade 1     Tang Xiang, Xiong   Keyi,Yang Leyi,

Class 4, senior Grade 1  Wang Xingran

Class 5, senior Grade 1   Wang Yuhan,

          Class 7, senior Grade 1    Fu Kunyao, Yang Peiye, Qian Wenxian

Class 7, senior Grade 2   Zuo Siqi

third prize:  Class 5, junior Grade 1  Zhang Yuxuan

 Class 5, junior Grade 1  Sun Xiao’ou

 Class 7, junior Grade 1   Zhou Zihan,

     Class 12, junior Grade 1   Hang Tianchen

 Class2, junior Grade 2      Wang Ziye

               Class 3, junior Grade 2      Zhu Weiran, Luhan Rui

 Class 3, junior Grade 2  Fang Qiaoxi

Class 3, Senior Grade 1  Qiu Yanran

 Class 4, Senior Grade 1  Sun Yingxuan

Class 4, Senior Grade 1  Qiu Ruohong

Class 4, Senior Grade 1  Yang Haonan

Class 6, Senior Grade 1  XuYi Shuixiu

          Class 7, Senior Grade 1   Luo Peirong, Pan Jinhao, Yu Chaoyu

  Class 8, Senior Grade 1    Li Chengyang

Class 8, Senior Grade 1    Chen Youru

Class 8, Senior Grade 2   Zhao Zixuan

NFLS Students’ Management Office

NFLS Youth League Committee of China

NFLS Young Pioneers Group

Art Group

December 2nd, 2018