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"Without Law, a Country Cannot Be Ruled, her People Cannot Arise ."-the Education on the Rule of Law

Together: respectable teachers, dear friends, good morning!


Chen Yuqi

I'm Chen Yuqi from Class 4, senior Grade 2. Tomorrow, December 4th is the 5th National Constitution Day and the 18th National Law Promotion Day. The reason why this day is designated as "National Constitution Day" is that the current constitution of our country was formally implemented on December 4, 1982. "Without law,the country cannot be ruled, the people cannot arise." Law is of great significance to the development of society.

Ding Yi

I am Ding Yi from Class 7, senior Grade 2. It is the obligation of every citizen to obey the law and abide by the law. As socialism constructors and successors, our students should actively study legal knowledge, deepen our understanding of law and further strengthen our legal awareness.

Chen Yuqi

Ding Yi, when mentioning the two words “zun fa”what is the first word that comes through your mind?

Ding Yi

Of course it is “zun fa” which means obey the law.

Chen Yuqi

Yes, but today we are talking about respecting the law. Recently, this is a highly frequently used word. As early as at the 18th Party Congress, the work report has changed the compliance of the law from obey the law  to respecting the law. Since the 18th National Congress of the Party, Chief Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly stressed the need to respect the law, learn the law, abide by the law and make good use of law, putting "respecting the law" first.

Ding Yi

From "obeying the law" to "respecting the law", though it’s juse the change of one word, the meanings of the phrases are rather different. So what are the difference and connection between respecting the law and abiding by the law?

Chen Yuqi

Respecting the law refers to respect, which also implies dignity and awe. In ancient times, "draw a circle on the ground as a prison" and "set up a piece of wood as faith",are the earliest ancient Chinese Dharma behavior. Respecting the law includes not only obeying the law, but also respecting the law. Obeying the law is actually a kind of "heteronomy", but the awe of law is the respect and the adherence to the basic principles of law in values, and it is a kind of "self-discipline". It can be said that this is a higher level of internal requirements for the behavior of social members.

Ding Yi

Respecting the law means that everyone should respect the law and maintain the authority of the law as a habit, consciously abide by the law, and make their words and deeds conform to the norms of the law.

Chen Yuqi

Not long ago, in the Wanzhou bus crash incident, a female passenger quarreled with the driver because she missed the station to get off, she even attacked the bus driver with a mobile phone, causing the vehicle to lose control and fall into the river, a tragedy that resulted in heavy casualties. The behavior of affray between the female passenger and the bus driver was an irrational act lacking legal consciousness, it was a typical example of not respecting the law and not obeying the law, which results in the occurrence of tragedy.

the 2nd part:

Ding Yi

As middle school students, we should know the law well, respect the law, abide by the law and show our concern with the perfection of the law. In March this year, China amended the Constitution of the people's Republic of China for the fifth time. On March 11, the first session of the Thirteenth National people's Congress passed the Amendment to the Constitution of the people's Republic of China by voting.

Chen Yuqi

The revision includes: changing the "system" in "perfecting the socialist legal system" into the "governance" , and adding the provisions that "when state functionaries take office, they shall openly take the constitutional oath in accordance with the provisions of the law" and other terms.

Here is a speech by Ren Haoyuan from Class 6,senior Grade 2 to bring us the Constitution and Life.


Ren Haoyuan:

In many people's minds, the Constitution is a high-ranking law, it seems very far away from our life. But in fact, since we were born, the Constitution has been silently protecting us. When we were crying into this world,the Constitution gave us the right of an independent personality, making us an independent individual in the sense of law. As we grow older and begin to enter the campus, the Constitution protects our right and obligation to receive education. In school, we will learn that the Constitution of the people's Republic of China stipulates that our national flag is a five-star red flag, our national anthem is the March of the volunteers, and our capital is Beijing;the Tiananmen which is shining with grain spikes, gear and five stars, our national emblem protects the dignity of the Constitution. When we reach adulthood, enter the universities, enter the society, the Constitution gives us the right to vote and to be voted, teaches us to gradually take social responsibility.

Remember a few years ago, fake wine cases, Sudan red, melamine milk powder, lean meat essence, gutter oil, plasticizer products, food safety problems kept emerging. In accordance with Article 33 of the Constitution, the State enacted the Food Safety Law, which effectively protects the health and safety of the public.

Nowadays, the issues about people’s life and security such as education, employment, income distribution, retirement, medical care, housing, transportation and so on are of general concern to the people. In order to enable citizens to truly share the fruits of development and promote social harmony and stability, the State has formulated the Social Insurance Law in accordance with the Constitution.

Ruling the country by the rules and by the standard guidance. The Constitution of the people's Republic of China is the fundamental law of the country, the general constitution of ruling the country and the security of the country, the concentrated embodiment of the will of the Party and the people, and has the highest legal status, the legal authority and the legal effect, and is a constitution of the people. It has established the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and the fruits of the development of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics in the form of a fundamental law of the state, which reflects the common will and fundamental interests of the people of all nationalities in our country. It has become the central work, basic principles, major principles and important policies of the Party and the state in the new period of history. It is the highest embodiment of the national legal system. It is the fundamental guarantee of the rule of law for our country and people to withstand all kinds of difficulties and dangers and always advance along the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

The practice has fully proved that the strong foundation can consolidate the foundation of a country’s security. Carrying out the Constitution in an all-round way is the primary task and basic work of building a socialism country ruled by law. Carrying out the Constitution in an all-round way also provides a strong guarantee for Chinese Dream, which has achieved the goal of "two hundred years" and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, which has great practical significance and far-reaching historical significance. In the past year, we have witnessed the birth and revision of 37 laws, such as the General principles of Civil Law, the National Intelligence Law, the National Anthem Law, the Nuclear Safety Law, the Protection Law the Heroes’ and Their Families’, the Supervision Law, the People's Jurors’ Law, the Electronic Commerce Law, and so on.The socialism legal system with Chinese characteristics based on Constitution is improving day by day.

When a good law is established in the country,the country is governed. Constitution has played a very important role in the historical process of reform and opening and socialism modernization. Looking back more than 60 years after the founding of New China, we can clearly see that the constitution is closely related to the future of the country and the fate of the people.To uphold constitutional authority is to uphold the authority of the common will of the party and the people. To safeguard the dignity of the Constitution is to safeguard the dignity of the common will of the Party and the people. To guarantee the implementation of the Constitution is to ensure the realization of the fundamental interests of the people. It can be said that the present, our future, are based on the Constitution of the people's Republic of China.

The law is beside me, the law is in my heart, the law is in the sky and on the earth. In the future, the status of the Constitution as the fundamental law of the country will be more fully reflected. As the new youth of the new era, we should take the initiative to become faithful advocates of the Constitution, conscientious adherents, and firm defenders; It is incumbent upon us to strengthen our constitutional consciousness, to take the lead in respecting and admire the constitution, to study it, to abide by it, to safeguard it, to use it, and to be a model for respecting the law and learning the law and using it.

Ding Yi

Thank Ren Haoyuan for his wonderful speech. This week is the rule of law education week, the school electronic screen will be introduced to the constitutional content, please watch and learn.

The 3rd part

Chen Yuqi

There was a group of people on our campus who, when we enter the campus on Monday, have already lined up in formal attire in front of the rostrum on the playground to prepare for the weekly flag-raising ceremony. They are never absent, whether it is windy or rainy, or cold or hot.

Ding Yi

I believe you have guessed that they are the students of our national flag class. Here is a member of the national flag class, from Class 7, senior Grade one, Pan Jinhao,  who will introduce us about the national flag law and national anthem law, let’s welcome.


Pan Jinhao

Hello, everyone. I am Pan Jinhao from Class 7, senior Grade 1, and I am the flag-bearer of this national flag class. The National Flag Law of the people's Republic of China was promulgated in 1990, and it prescribes a lot of things that we think very ordinary now. For example, full-time schools are stipulated in the law, except on winter and summer vacations and on Sundays, the national flag should be hoisted daily; during the flag-raising ceremony, participants should pay homage to the national flag. The national flag shall be raised in the morning and lowered in the evening;and when marching with the flag and other flags, the national flag shall be held. When the flag is hoisted at the same time as the other flags, the national flag should be placed in the center, higher or prominent, etc. These national flag rituals, which we are already familiar with, have long been written into the law. Now that we know these, we have to pay more attention to whether what we say or do is in accordance with the law. The National Anthem Law of the People's Republic of China came into effect on October 1, 2017. The implementation of the law is also aimed at the phenomenon that the national anthem has not been universally respected and loved in real life. Due to the lack of legal constraints, there are arbitrary uses of the national anthem in society, and the singing of the national anthem is not strict. Problems such as purge Article 15 of the National Anthem Law stipulates that, in public places, whoever intentionally tampers with the lyrics and compositions of the national anthem, plays the national anthem in a distorted and derogatory manner, or otherwise insults the national anthem, shall be given a warning by the public security organ or detained for not more than 15 days; If the offense constitutes a crime,criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.The general requirement of the national anthem is to sing etiquette; When playing and singing the national anthem, one should dress appropriately, be energetic, pay homage, have a sense of ceremony and dignity: sing from beginning to end, pronounce clearly, have a proper rhythm, and must not change the tune, score, or lyrics. Do not stop singing or sing midway: no talking, walking around or clapping hands. no making calls or engage in other unrelated acts. The national anthem shall not be sung immediately with other songs. In addition to complying with the general requirements, the Young Pioneers shall be courteous.

The national anthem and the national flag are the symbols of our country, it is not just a flag, a song, its important significance lies in the Chinese behind the ceremony and love of their own country, gratitude and pride. We have not only the mind of the world, but also a Chinese soul in our hearts.

As a present member of the national flag class, we have a sacred responsibility. Every week from Monday to Friday, we persist in raising the flag in the morning, lowering the flag in the evening, and recovering the flag in time on a rainy day. These things may seem small, but they require a strong sense of self-discipline and responsibility. If some students see that we have not done this work well, please remind us, urge us to fulfill our mission.

As a member of the national flag class, it can be said that we have been working hard. Every Monday morning we gather early at school, and every Tuesday noon training takes place in the gym, even when it rains. In the first two weeks of the sports games, we trained twice a week to show the best of the national flag class on the pitch and to be responsible for the flag in our hands. For example, every time I hold a flag, I have to be very careful, holding the rolled flag tightly in my right hand, lest it be dragged to the ground to get dirty. At the sports meet, six people held the flag, we must stand apart to draw the flag straight, once hollowed, it would not be beautiful and couldn’t show our respect to the national flag.

In October, an online celebrity shot spread all over China. An honor guard was marching in line, leaving a small five-star red flag on the ground. The flag lifter in the first line of the line, dressed in military uniform, immediately stooped and picked up the flag and handed it over to his fellow soldiers. The procession went on neatly without any interference, the scene was recorded on camera. This small action, although only a few short flashes in the picture, but it was so natural, smooth, rapid. A simple bend showed a military respect for the country and respect. Yes. For businessmen sailing in the Gulf of Aden, the five-star red flag in the telescope was a kind of sense of security, a kind of reliance. At the end of "Wolf Warriors 2", Wu Jing uses his arm as a flagpole and raises a five-star red flag flying in the wind. The soldiers of both sides took the initiative to cease the war. This is the power of the five-star red flag! "get up! get up Get up! " The familiar melody has made millions of Chinese people feel excited on numerous occasions. The March of the Volunteer Army was once the marching horn when the battlefield was in front, and it was the calm sound to go to the enemy's execution field. To this day, the real "enemy fire" seems to be beginning to become distant, but still heard, it can make one's blood boiling. Unlike the bloody scenes of war, we are now defending the cultural front and the moral bottom line. With the deepening of social diversity, the tampering of the national anthem and blasphemy become more and more serious. This is not only the negation of the glorious history of the past, but also the slander of the image and temperament of the country. Calling back to the spiritual level, the sword refers to the act of harming patriotic feelings, which becomes the profound background of the legislation of the national anthem. Now in the form of legislation, not only a song, but also the peace of the heart of the common voice of the Chinese people is safeguarded..

Let us jointly safeguard the national flag, the dignity of the national anthem, consciously abide by the National Anthem Law, thank you.

Chen Yuqi

Thank Pan Jinhao for his wonderful speech. We sincerely hope that all the students will conscientiously abide by the national flag law and the national anthem law in the future flag-raising ceremony, so that respecting the law and learning the law and using the law will become the common pursuit and conscious action of all our teachers and students, so as to improve the legal literacy and create a good atmosphere for the rule of law. Students are invited to take an active part in the activities of the Law Club and the Rule of Law Club in the courtyard at noon on Tuesday.

This is the end of our speech,thank you for listening.