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We Are Growing up with the Kids -Community Management Alliance Held a Meeting for The Non-NFLS Teachers

At 15: 00 p.m,  November 29, some of the teachers from the junior high school club held a meeting with the tutors of the League of Community Management in Conference Room 310 of the Administration Building. Wang Shaolin, chairman of the League of Community Management and the school League Committee, introduced the development of club activities in junior high school last school year, the system of club management and evaluation, and showed the achievements of some excellent clubs. Mr. Wang also introduced the duties and requirements of the community (club) for the non-NFL guiding teachers, and expressed sincere thanks to the teacher for the effort of using weekends to carry out the activities.


Director Yin Herong from the Students’ Management Office,talked about the significance and purpose of employing the teachers to participate in the guidance work in the students’ clubs. The school hopes to build rich campus life and study life for students, maintain good mood and positive psychological state, promote the communication between peers; It is hoped that students can develop their interests and specialties, develop their abilities by organizing club activities, promote students' individualized development, and lay the foundation for the establishment of clubs in senior high.


The Non-NFLS Teachers shared the gains and difficulties of organizing activities. Xu Xianguo, a teacher from the Ancient Wall Culture Club, introduced the experience of their club's activities: each activity was required writing essays and pushing them through the club's public number, which significantly improved the students' writing level; The head of the activity is rotated so that every student gets a chance to practice; after the activity, the parents and students communicate and promote friendship, walking around the city walls, doing some exercise; Those who do not participate in the activities for three times without  a sound reason, or who do not hand in essays three times, are not allowed to continue to participate in the activities. Of course, there are some difficulties: too much support from the parents, limited channels of publicity activities, we hope the school could give some assistance and support.


Miss Tang Xiaohong of karate Club talked about the relationship between study and activities. Members of the club love to carry out activities, but karate activities are so hard that students don't have the energy and stamina to study again after the activity is over, this upsets the parents and causes them to pause a few times. How to balance the relationship between activity and study is also a problem to be solved by the teachers and the parents.

Finally, on behalf of the school, Director Yin issued a letter of appointment to the teachers. He thanked the parents and social forces for their participation and having formed a joint effort with the school, which greatly expanded the students' learning horizons and activities. We hope that more parents and experts outside school will participate in guiding children to develop their interests and organize activities, and gradually lead them to learn to plan independently and organize activities. Let’s all work hard with love and grow up together with the children!