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NFLS Finance Lecture

On November 26, 2018, several teachers from Hengfeng Bank, Nanjing Branch gave a lecture on fundamental finance to NFLS class 10 and class 12 of Junior Grade 2.

The lecture started when the students were ready and looking forward to it and the leaders and teachers were seated.

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The hostess first briefly introduced about The People’s Bank of China and Hengfeng Bank and then reminded us of listening to the teachers attentively and getting ready for the award-winning quiz later. Hearing this, the students were even more interested in the lecture, looking at the lecturers with excitement on their faces.

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The lecturers introduced knowledge of finance, Renminbi and credit. The use of Renminbi and credit were considered very important.

Many students seemed surprised to know that it was not respecting Renminbi to make the bills into flowers or writing on them. The lecturer explained, “It may be easy to do things like this, but Renminbi is inviolable and needs to be respected.” The students nodded their heads to show that they understood what she meant.

After that, the lecturer talked about exchanging damaged bills and the circulation of commemorative coins. The students were amazed by such lesser-known but useful knowledge, and quickly remembered it.

The last part was about credit. The lecturer well-explained the meaning of “a man cannot succeed without honesty”. At first many students had no idea what credit record was, but with the help of the lecture, they got to know not only its meaning but also its value because it will follow us for the rest of our life.

After that it was an interesting short play, beginning with Mr. Li squatting as a punishment by his wife. Then Mr. Shen and bank-lobby manager who appeared later vividly and clearly explained “money laundering” which was hard to understand. At last it was closed by a sentence “let us be always honest and keep our hands clean”. The play was amusing and informative, telling us to be careful and away from the illegal behavior money laundering.

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Then it was the long-expected award-winning quiz. The questions on the PPT were very easy for us, one of which was about core socialist values. The student gave the answer quickly and accurately. Our answers were highly praised by the hostess, “the students of NFLS have not only carefully listened to the class but also have learned a lot of things after class.” The 10 students who gave the right answers got up on the stage to receive the award with smiles on their faces.

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At last, student Luo Minhan led the students to read a written proposal about honesty, and the lecture was successfully ended. Most of the students walked out of the classroom in order, and some signed their names and accepted the prizes with the instruction of the teachers. All of them seemed happy. They must have learned a lot.

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