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To Build up the Awareness of Safety from Now: NFLS Fire Drill on November 22

November 2018 is “the Month of Fire Safety” for NFLS. In the morning meeting at the beginning of the month, Officer Shi Zhenyin from Nanjing Housing Fire Prevention Training Center shared the knowledge of fire safety with teachers and students of our school. In his passionate speech and humorous expression we realized the danger of fire and the necessity of studying and remembering the regulations of escaping and that no matter in the campus or other places, we must be aware of safety and ready to deal with unexpected accidents. And the campus fire drill of this year came on November 22.


A few days before the fire drill, we had known about the specific position of the exits with the instructions of the head teachers. Right before the event started, the person in charge of each class emphasized the right evacuation routes again and reminded us in the small classroom on the 6th floor that we must walk down from the stairs on the side, instead of taking the elevator with a fluke mind. And after arriving at the first floor we must not cross the hall or the hallway, but walk around from the place outside the teaching building to the sports ground.


The fire alarm was sounded at 2:30 PM. The students in the classes quickly stood up and gathered at the door of each classroom. They acted fast and orderly without cries or chaos. Walking in the hallway, I saw many students running out of different classrooms and gathering into those walking fast. Everybody was heading toward the same direction in silence and order.


In order to create an actual effect so that the fire drill would serve well to help the students, the school even arranged smoke shooting. The smelly smoke kept coming out in the hallway and we had to cover our mouths and noses and lower ourselves while walking. Many students covered their faces with wet towels to prevent from breathing in the “poisonous” smoke.


There was not much space in the stairs, a little crowed but not too much. Everyone walked down as quickly as possible for the benefit of the students behind. For a while the only thing you could hear was their footsteps. Arriving at the first floor, they did not stop but kept going toward the final safe place as they were told.


All the students gathered on the sports ground and stood in line according to their classes. The one in charge of each class counted the students quickly and report it to the rostrum. In the end, Director Yin Herong of the Students Affairs Office announced, “in the fire drill this time, all 2472 students arrived at the safe place within 4 minutes. Altogether they used 4 minutes after counting their number. I declare that the fire drill has been a success.” The event was ended in the applause.


In the fire drill this time, our students did not panic but handle it with a clear mind and quick reaction and finally accomplished the task.


Danger could be anywhere. A little spark may lead to a disaster that causes injury and death. Every day we stay in the school for as long as 8 hours, so to grasp certain skills to survive seems very important. Through the event, we increased the awareness of safety and helping one another and ourselves in a fire, further understood the process of deal with fire and how to coordinate in emergencies. I believe that even in real life experience, the we would no longer panic, because we have already known what to do.

Chen Yuqi from Class 4 Senior Grade 2